Quick picks ep. 23

turns out dating apps are a great way to discover new music


This week we discovered that dating apps can be a great way to find new music – check out the video below to find out how.

Here’s all the incredible music we talked about this week:

  1. “Alright” – from Little Sun‘s upcoming record “Rainbow Body” (PREMIERE on Bands Do BK)
  2. “Taste Like Sugar” – Ben Rice (PREMIERE on Bands Do BK)
  3. “Whisper My Name” – Adeline
  4. “The Way That I Do” – from Brooklyn’s ÊMIA X Bristol’s Laxcity
  5. “Clipper Ship”​ – from Blue Plutos‘ record “Come Back This Way”
  6. “Went and Did It” – Cheap Synths


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