After connecting on a dating app over quarantine, the NEW Brooklyn-based “folky alternative post punk rock indie pop” pair has released their first two singles—

Get ready to fall in love.


In this, the age of the Internet, the unmarried among us have probably done our fair share of swiping. (Actually it’s 2020 and we’re in Brooklyn— plenty of our married friends probably have, too.)

And while we’ve all collected our fair share of strange stories and have experienced great dates, awkward moments, (hopefully) better-than-average sex and definitely the early signs of carpal tunnel, very few of us can say that one lucky ~match~ led to months of remote collaboration, two killer singles and—on top of that—the whole falling-in-love thing.

With that, I’d like to introduce you to my absolute favorite anomaly, Almost Sex—a new Brooklyn-based duo comprised of Nick Louis and HW LaSota.

In between releasing their first and second singles this fall, the pair described how their project and romantic relationship unfolded over quarantine via a series of very sweet Instagram posts (here and here). Please take a moment to read up on the Almost Sex origin story // love story and enjoy the very nice feeling of HEY, MAYBE THIS ISN’T ALL FUTILE AFTER ALL!


Right?! Okay, now I’d like to direct your ears + attention to the point of this post, which is—contrary to that whole intro—the new band’s very good new music.

Below you’ll find “Knockoff”—the duo’s debut single, which came out in September—and “Charmer”—which dropped at the end of October—as well as a few words on each, sent over by the artists via email this week.

Almost Sex says: “Cool casual bop with catchy lyrics, ‘Maybe I’m a knock off, But I’ll still get your rocks off, yea.'”

Almost Sex says: “Hypnotic cadence lay under flute-like melodies, coming to an end with a dancey coda of vocal textures. (2:28 for the build up, 2:50 for the drop!)”

Nick (also of BK alt-pop project Night on the Sun) serves as the Almost Sex lead singer and instrumentalist; writer and architect HW writes the lyrics and provides harmonies and various instrumentals; and both of them enjoy long walks on the beach. (I imagine.)

Be sure to check out each of the killer tracks from Almost Sex—a collab I’m currently thanking the Tinder/Hinge/Bumble/Feeld/Farmers Only/whatever gods and/or algorithms for—and stay tuned for the band’s upcoming EP, which is coming our way in the not-so-distant future.

Now if you’ll excuse me…

I’ve obviously got some swiping to do.


Follow Almost Sex on Instagram at, add the band to your Spotify playlists and find everything Almost Sex (including merch!) at

Photo (provided by the band.): Trevor Brenden

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