A few months after the rad record’s release, we’re stoked to present a vid of the Brooklyn band playing it through *live* in studio


While it likely wasn’t the release show they imagined—playing unplugged to clusters of people seated at picnic tables and eating state-mandated sandwiches while trucks rumbled by on their way back to Boar’s Head—there was something beautifully bizarre, kinda surreal and extremely 2020 about the unplugged “incidental” show that Color Tongue played at Our Wicked Lady a few months ago to celebrate the release of their new record, Worry Wart.

I showed up approximately three hours early to the event to secure a table (and because I am very cool), and by the time the show was over and we as a ~socially distanced~ crowd had collectively experienced music magic c/o Color Tongue, Extra Special, Looms and an acoustic-performance-turned-nostalgic-singalong by CT’s Ray McGale, my big dumb face was legitimately sore from smiling so much.

This wasn’t just because I’d consumed four to six piña coladas, hadn’t experienced live music in six months and was thoroughly enjoying Brooklyn’s best dog (shoutout Thunder!) in the audience. It’s because whether the dudes of Color Tongue are playing a traditional concert, a strange, stripped-down sidewalk set or a live-streamed show on the internet, it’s extremely obvious that they’re all having the best time ever—so, naturally, you do too.

And on that note, while we’re still a COVID and a Cuomo away from experiencing music in the real big/live/loud form we love, I’m stoked to present the next best thing for your Friday: Color Tongue performing their entire (excellent) record LIVE in studio at New Space Audio.

On the group’s Bandcamp page, Color Tongue describes Worry Wart this way:

“We’ve been working on this album for about two years. It’s a very personal record that we’re stoked on. A constant theme on this record is having to make decisions and getting hung up on it and facing the realities of getting older and the consequences of your actions carrying more weight.”

And for this particular video, they sent me the following over email:

“It’s the same studio we recorded the album in, so it was nice to get that full circle going. and though we’ve been performing these songs for a couple years now, it was good to get a chance to play them around when a record release show would have been, had this been a normal year lol.”

Lol, for real—

While again, this is def not the exact record release show that the band (+ their friends/fam/fans) envisioned, I’m still pretty, prettaaaay stoked on it. So enjoy—

And someone, please, hand me a piña colada.


Follow Color Tongue at @color_tongue, buy Worry Wart on Bandcamp, find the band’s Brooklyn picks here, check out the glorious music video for “Garden”—which dropped a couple weeks ago—and add the band to your Spotify playlists now. (Okay! Done with instructions, swear!)

Video: recorded and filmed at New Space Audio in Astoria, Queens;
engineered by Alex Busi; filmed and edited by Kevin Carlin

Photo (provided by the band): Michelle LoBianco

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