The five members of Brooklyn’s new music dream team share their favorite spots in the borough


In conjunction with the drop of their two-track debut (“Big Fight” and “Crazy”—premiering on Bands do BK here + now!), we’re stoked to share Brooklyn picks from the band-not-team 95 Bulls.

We provided the prompts; Emily Ashenden, Zach Butler, Kayla Asbell, Zach Inkley and Dom Bodo provided their (not-always-legal) picks. And we love ’em for it.



EMILY: OWL because it’s where we were conceived like a big angry baby, Baby’s cause I like playing there and I LOVE THEIR FOOD, and TV Eye is ballin’ as fuck

BUTTZ: Market Hotel, I hate playing there but I like the vibe, Shea Stadium was lit at the time, and OWL because I’m the head barback

KAYLA – TV Eye has incredible sound, and the aesthetic is the best mix of sleazy sexy glamorous rock and roll. Bushwick Bazaar & Don Pedro RIP.  Sultan Room is super good lookin’. Union Pool looks and sounds fabulous – you just gotta escape the 21-year-old horny hoards hanging in the backyard


DOM: Union Pool has some of the most fun shows and the best sound and bartenders, other than that, TV eye was one of my favorites before the pandemic, it’s a shame they didn’t get to go further and venture out before the pandemic killed music. And OWL (duh)


EMILY: Well I don’t drink but I really like…see the previous question plus Old Timers. Any place that sells Red Bull. And Birdy’s for life! 

BUTTZ: Trans PeePee’s. I only go to TV Eye, Trans Pecos, Old Timers and Our Wicked Lady. I don’t get out much. Any place that I got a discount

KAYLA: TV Eye has an amazing feel to it, Bootleg Bar is a dive bar paradise, Anchored Inn is the most fun black hole where you show up at 8pm and somehow leave at 5am every time, Old Stanley’s is super cozy and has amazing bartenders

INKLEY: OWL, Old Timers & Footlight (rip)


EMILY: Get off the train at Myrtle Broadway and then go right, they have cinnamon Altoids

BUTTZ: The ones w the cheap smokes

KAYLA: The one on my corner that feeds me when I stumble home at 4am

INKLEY: TK’s Deli right off Myrtle Broadway

DOM: It used to be called MAMA but now it’s 7 seas. On Bushwick between Meserole and Montrose. Cheap smokes, and every flavor of twisted tea. Also any bodega that sells twisted tea. Bonus points if they have Mike’s Harder Lemonade (mix ’em up and call them a Laura palmer)


EMILY: Off the west 4th stop, there’s a place called 99 cents

BUTTZ: Fuck artichoke

KAYLA: Danny’s Pizzeria is right by our practice space and they have kept me alive for a decade

INKLEY: Rome to Brooklyn 

DOM: Also Dannys, it’s not the best but it’s always there. I love Joe and John’s but I think that’s technically in Ridgewood. Not gonna lie though, Rome to Brooklyn gets ordered to the practice space A LOT


EMILY: RIP Lil Skips, I love Cafe Moca

BUTTZ: I don’t really care about coffee

KAYLA: Cafe Erzulie and Burly are my go-to’s in my neighborhood

INKLEY: Burly Coffee

DOM: I love the coffee drink at Skinny Dennis and Rocka Rolla 


EMILY: I live off of Seneca so I guess that

BUTTZ: I live off the Jefferson L so I guess that

KAYLA : I live off the Myrtle-Broadway JMZ so I guess that

INKLEY : I live off Myrtle Broadway so I guess that

DOM: I live off the Montrose L so I guess that

[Editor’s note: HAPPY STALKING!]


EMILY: Big fat hot Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and Knickerbocker Bagel

BUTTZ: I wake up at 5 pm so I don’t eat breakfast, and plus I have an egg allergy that makes me shit.

KAYLA: If I could sleep in a bed made of Peaches’ grits, I would sleep well

INKLEY: Eggs over easy with corned beef hash and bacon

DOM: when I wake up the sun is already going to sleep, so usually like a chop cheese if I have the day off


EMILY: I like this park in Ridgewood that I don’t know the name of but it has a playground, and there’s not that many cops around, so you can play on it. It has a big swing that fits an adult ass, I got stuck in the kids swing once

BUTTZ: I like to get drunk at McCarren Park, and that’s it

KAYLA: I love Herbert Von King Park and Maria Hernandez

INKLEY: McCarren

DOM: Most New York parks are human litterboxes


EMILY:I’m poor, but I like Sea Wolf, and I like the chocolate place in Union Square

BUTTZ: I only eat at Our Wicked Lady, cause I’m also poor

KAYLA: I live to eat, even though I am also broke. Kings County Imperial, Forrest Point, Santa Panza, Mama Fox, Klom Klorm, Bozu, Saraghina, Peaches Hot House, Dino, DeStefano’s. And the food from Barker & Sons @ TV Eye is unreal

INKLEY: Tina’s

DOM: McDonalds


EMILY:& BUTTZ : We’ve both been homeless for the past year so we don’t have turntables

BUTTZ: I also get bored at record stores

KAYLA : Rebel Rouser always has the best treasures. I also love Human Head Records

INKLEY: That one in Punk Alley

DOM: My favorite one is this placed called Bait and Tackle in Greenpoint. It’s a weird spot but they have some cool shit. Also that one in Punk Alley


EMILY: I’m sober bitch that’s my cure

BUTTZ: I just drink again

KAYLA: I eat “Good Chinese” (the real name of the place) in bed and make a Bloody Mary.   

INKLEY: More booze

DOM: Cocaine. Mimosas. Super loud noises 




Follow 95 Bulls at @95fullsnyc, watch their music video for “Crazy” and listen to their two-track debut on Bands do BK now!

Feature image provided by the band.

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