Sharkswimmer, Bands do BK, Bands do Brooklyn


A list of shows we’re particularly pumped for this month, published more than 1/3 of the way through said month (sorry!)


3.5 Caravela, Tree River, Yeah Is What We Have @ C’mon Everybody – info and tix

3.5 Colatura (release show), Ash Jesus, Sharkswimmer, Jelly Kelly @ Rubulad info and tix

3.6 The Muckers (single release), Breanna Barber and more @ TV Eye – info and tix

3.6 Drel, How Says, Minaxi, Big Yawn @ Muchmore’s – info and tix

3.6 Sad American Night and more @ The Bitter End – info

3.6 The Gloomies (record release show), GIRL SKIN, May Rio  @ Lola NYC – info and tix

3.7 Dead Tooth, Venus Twins, Witch Slap, Heat Death @ Bootleg Bar

3.10 Busty and the Bass, Mobley @ Bowery Ballroom info and tix

3.10 Shadow Monster, Onesie, Monster Furniture @ Alphaville – info and tix

3.11-15 New Colossus Festival @ various venues – info and tix

3.11 Shadow Year, Shred Flintstone, Been Stellar, Grace Ludmila @ Our Wicked Lady – info and tix

3.13 Living Room, Bad Weird, Pasha & the Kindred Spirits, HYPEMOM @ Muchmore’s – info and tix

3.13 Pronoun, Future Teens, Proper @ ALPHAVILLE – info and tix

3.19 Bands do BK presents Lost Boy?, HYPEMOM, Sharkswimmer, Yancy @ Alphaville – info and tix

3.19 The Sweet Release, Nadia Kazmi, Jelly Kelly, Gorgeous, Nicole Mercedes @ The Sultan Room

3.20 Brooklyn Block Party (unofficial SXSW showcase) @ Electric Church in Austin – info

3.20 Pink Mexico, Timothy Eerie, Wicked Willow @ The Broadway – info and tix

3.25 Caroline Rose, Toth @ Music Hall of Williamsburg – info and tix

3.25 The Planes, The True Jacqueline, Sooner, Joyce @ Planet X – info and tix

3.26 The Wild Honey Pie Presents A Dinner Party with Toledo @ Ela Taverna – info and tix

3.26 Joanna Sternberg, Deer Scout, Awksymoron, Starla Online @ Trans Pecos – info and tix

3.26 Tiers, Whiner, Silent EM @ TV Eye – info and tix

3.27 Stello @ Elsewhere (Zone One) – Info and tix

3.27 Cindy Cane, Baby & Dynamite, Y God Y, Ghost Piss, DISOLVE @ Our Wicked Lady – info and tix

3.27 Clone, Dismal Stars, SCAB @ Lola – info and tix

3.28 This Car Up, Wet Leather, Gunfight, Bridget & The Squares @ The Footlight – info

3.28 Kira Metcalf, LaPeche, Climates, Lily Mao @ Our Wicked Lady – info and tix

3.31 Sophie Colette (Single Release Show) @ Rockwood Music Hall – info

3.31 A Very Special Episode, The Planes, Gold Streets, Sorry Darling @ Our Wicked Lady – info and tix


Feature image: shitty iPhone pic of very excellent Sharkswimmer. Catch the band on 3/21 at the HYPEMOM tape release show!

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