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Keith, Nic and Dom of the “slop pop strangewave” band talk childhood nicknames, upcoming album(s) and which dates are worth a trek from Brooklyn to the Bronx


The tenth episode of Bands do BK features 75% of “slop pop strangewave” outfit Jelly Kelly (just missing Jared!), whose debut record Fresh Paint dropped in December and whose Frankenstein-ified video for a cover of Sixpence None the Richer’s “Kiss Me” recently premiered on Bands do BK.

Over White Claws and 99 Bananas—a combo that probably explains why we got a tad (enjoyably) sidetracked—the band shares a few of their go-to places in Brooklyn and discusses new and upcoming music, the freedoms of defying genre and date spots in Brooklyn and beyond.

Check out our playlist featuring Jelly Kelly and songs they selected featuring artists they love here and listen to the episode (air date: 2/6), now available on Radio Free Brooklyn and Spotify


Listen to Fresh Paint ASAP, keep up with all things Jelly Kelly on Instagram at @jellykelly_music and don’t miss the opp to catch the band live on February 18th (Our Wicked Lady), February 28th (Trans Pecos), March 5th (Rubulad) and on more dates, at more venues, down the line.

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Photo (provided by the band): Bryan Bruchman

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