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The Brooklyn post-punk trio debuts the newest single from their forthcoming 7-track tape Concessions


HYPEMOM: Come for the music, stay for the Instagram captions.

Ones that are written in the voice of—you guessed it—a mom. But, like, not a regular mom, a cool mom.

One who supports your music—even though she doesn’t really *get it*—and honey, could you just turn that down a touch?? Who might bring pizza rolls down to the basement during rehearsal, tell your guitarist he’s got a nice shirt and your bandmates that they’re nice boys and remind you that you really should call your grandmother—she’d love to hear from you, you know.

It’s practically performance art, pretty much Instagram perfection and the only type of social media I’m interested in, from this point until forever.

But anyway—back to the music.

On March 19th, the band will be releasing Concessions—a loud, fast and fun seven-track tape, seven years in the making, that contains songs (with titles like “Pog Merch” and “Sports Music”) spanning the entire history of HYPEMOM, which formed back in 2013.

“We wove the songs together with captured audio, some bits from a stoney after-hours session, and this organ record we really like,” the band says of Concessions, which is being released through Bushwick cassette label and artists’ collective GP Stripes. “We’re all pretty fond of sound collage and sample pop, which play a big part in Luke’s and Colin’s side projects (LUKEINTERNET and Alex in the Attic, respectively). The whole thing was a bit of a cut-up job—two tracks were from previous recording sessions—and thanks to our producer Alex Mead-Fox’s miracle ears it all came out sounding cohesive. We wanted to feature one of Lee Bilsky’s photos on our cover, and Concessions seemed like the perfect fit; had things gone differently, it might’ve been called Lo Mein.”

Among the somehow cohesive hodgepodge of HYPEMOM tracks is the group’s first song ever, “No Words”—perhaps my favorite of the seven—which has had me bouncing (even while extremely hungover on my couch) all morning and which I’m beyond HYPEd (yup) to premiere here!

Here’s what the guys of HYPEMOM have to say about the fast, fun song:

“This was our first song—actually a kind of proof of concept. Matt and Colin grew up on pop punk and emo; Luke listened to genres like Phish. That’s probably a yuck cocktail on paper, but we liked what came of it: noodley bass lines, power-pop hooks, music a little beyond our technical abilities.

We’d play at a frantic pace like At The Drive-In, or The Oneders. And we’d write these shouty call-and-response vocals—maybe homage to our Animal Collective and Taking Back Sunday fancestry. It was also pretty hard to hear our PA, so shouty became a good register to sing in. As for the lyrics, we didn’t have any, didn’t want to write any, didn’t want to talk about what we weren’t writing. ‘Got no words, ain’t got the words’ at least felt honest.”

Check out “No Words” (out now!), stay tuned for Concessions (coming soon!) and mark your calendar to catch the excellent dudes live at their tape release party (details below), which Bands do BK is thrilled to be presenting!

Listen, love, share, go. And, of course, be sure to tell your mom we say hello.


Follow HYPEMOM on Instagram at @hypemomlovesyou, check out more singles on Bandcamp and find “No Words” on Spotify for adding-to-your-playlist purposes.

PLUS! Don’t miss HYPEMOM’s tape release showfeaturing Lost Boy?, Yancy and SharkswimmerMarch 19th at Alphaville. Info and tix here.

Feature image (provided by the band): Lee Bilsky

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