In a particularly chaotic episode, (most of) the members of the seven-piece funk/soul/blues/rock/jazz outfit discuss band beginnings and their political-yet-upbeat live show, share their favorite spots in Brooklyn and debut their newest single, “Young Love”


Our 12th episode features Snack Cat, whose members headed from a Sofar Sounds show earlier that evening straight to the RFB studio for the interview.

In a session involving a little chaos, a lot of laughter and one near-concussion (just kidding! sort of!), the band talks LA loving and leaving, the live Snack Cat experience and the wedding gigs and subway shows that brought them together—plus, of course, shares their favorite Brooklyn spots. We also play (parts of) a few songs from local artists they love and premiere their newest song, “Young Love.”

Listen to the episode now on Radio Free Brooklyn and Spotify.

Check out our playlist featuring Snack Cat and songs they selected featuring artists they love here.


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Feature Image provided by the band.

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