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The NJ-based artist (and ortho/neuro nurse!) reveals her favorite Brooklyn destinations for tequila, treasure hunting and DIY vibes



I’ve only been once, but it was great. It was a good venue, it had good sound, and I just like the grungy, punk-y feeling of it. And I really loved the bands I played with [including Darkwing], which made it extra special.

140 Wilson Ave, (347) 508-5006,

Glass Bottle Beach (Dead Horse Bay)

People used to, a long time ago, dump garbage in the ocean over there. It washed up on shore — and it’s still washing up to this day — so you find a lot of cool shit there from years and years ago, like the early 1900s, that’s sometimes fun to take home. Just walking around is cool [too] — wear shoes, though!

[Find more info on this spot and its history — as well as directions for how to find it — here.]


Mezcal’s is great. It’s my best friend Shannon’s dad’s restaurant — he owns this one and another one [in Park Slope]. I love the artwork, the feeling, the music, the warm vibe. The tequila’s really good, and definitely the frozen margarita — even though that’s a given, everybody loves a frozen margarita. But it’s extra good here.

522 Court St,  (718) 237-2230,

Prospect Park

I love Prospect Park. It’s so big, and you could probably never see every inch of it, even if you went every day for a year. I like walking around and listening to music for a long time, [just] losing myself. I could probably do that forever (if I never got hungry).

Secret Project Robot

It’s very DIY, or whatever you call it. When you walk in, there’s a bar, and then there’s a venue. Where the music is playing, there are pictures hanging on the walls of performances: naked people who would go wild on stage, people who’d do crazy stuff live — all of it captured in the moment, hanging on the wall. I just love the vibe. I played there once, and I fell in love — that was one of the best shows I’ve ever had.


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Feature image: Ben Curry

]This interview has been edited and condensed.]

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