Catch a flick at Cobble Hill Cinemas

“That’s in the same area — I’ve become very attached to my neighborhood. I just love it. Small theaters, and they have a very old-school concession stand. And it’s a pretty affordable place to see a movie.

I love seeing movies. I think with music — and touring in particular — I’ll get, like, sensory overload from performing. There’s so much adrenaline. And then talking to people… I’m a small artist still getting started, so I’ll stay at people’s houses. That’s so wonderful, that’s such a gift, but I’m learning I’m more of an introvert than I thought, and I run out of gas. So my favorite thing to do is see a movie by myself, put my phone away. Something about being in a dark room, I think, resets my vibes. And I love movies, too.” – Caitlin Mahoney

[Editor’s note: We also asked Caitlin about her favorite movie snack because matters are important. Her answer: Sno-Caps and a Diet Coke. Obviously, we approve.]

265 Court St, (718) 596-9113,

Eat and drink from day ’til night at 61 Local

“It’s hard to find a place that really mercifully transitions from day to night. I like the flexibility. It’s a perfect hangout spot, everyone that works there is nice, and a lot of their drinks are housemade or locally made. I do the ginger ale, or sometimes I’ll request a half-and-half ginger ale and kombucha. That’ll wake ya right up.

There’s this once-a-month music series upstairs, Sunday Sounds, started by a friend of mine, Jess Best. Then my friend Josh Smith took it over. It’s two or three acts, all donation-based, super cozy, and they do super sweet, intimate intros. I feel like I’ve never gone and not seen a great lineup. I love to do it with just myself and a guitarist, stripped-back. Because it’s such a small room and people sit super close, you get the chance to do something a little more intimate and try out new stuff.” – Lizzie No

61 Bergen St, (718)

Get cozy (and get shit done) at Fawkner

“One of my favorite bars. They have the deepest booths. You feel like you’re in an old tap room, and it’s dope — great beer selection, predictably low lighting, kinda loud. I’ve written some songs there. You can just sit and hunker down.” – Lizzie No

191 Smith St, (718) 522-3172,

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