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The singer-songwriter (and interviewer of badass women) shares her go-to spots for ice cream, beer, movies and more in her favorite corner of Brooklyn


Ample Hills Gowanus

I just love their ice cream, and it’s very close to my house. When I was making my record, I would go get ice cream, just mulling things over. I would go and sit on the Gowanus Canal bridge, the Union Bridge there, and just think about life while I ate my ice cream — so, you know, we bonded.

And it started to be an easy place to go on dates. If it was my turn to pick the date spot, it was always Ample Hills. And I would go by myself if I wanted ice cream and I didn’t want it in my house. It became kind of a dangerous habit. And I started to get recognized. I was on a Tinder date or something, and the guy behind the counter was like, “Hey, I recognize you! You were in here last night!” I was like, oh, I’m coming to Ample Hills too much.

Now I’ve learned to just embrace my love for Ample Hills — be proud of it! I love the rooftop, the cute Adirondack chairs. It’s quiet and peaceful. And the other draw is they have the best location flavor there; It Came From Gowanus. It’s all chocolate.

305 Nevins St, (347) 725-406,

Three’s Brewing

I love beer and I love trying different beers — that’s always appealed to me. Before I lived over here, I played at Threes [at] one of their opening events. It was so fun to be part of it, and I was like, this is a cool vibe, area. It’s such a nice place to come and sit and have a beer. So that’s how it started for me.

I like to come when it’s on the chiller side, but I’m glad it’s popular, because it’s a cool place.

333 Douglass St, (718) 522-2110,

The Creamery Studio

The Creamery is where I recorded my last album. It’s an amazing place, a very inspiring place to make music. The guys that run it are just wonderful humans, wonderful guys. They do such a beautiful job making it an inviting, relaxed space where you just want to create things. And it’s kind of unassuming. It’s what you need it to be, whereas I feel like some studios are kind of flashy because they feel like they need to be fancy to draw you to make music there. Here, the equipment is incredible, but it feels like home. It’s a nice place. It’s where I’ve written and created so much music at this point that it’s special to me.

390 McGuinness Blvd, (347) 403-0660,

Smith Canteen

Smith Canteen is right off the F train, so I love it for the coffee. It’s low-key, it’s chill. Everybody’s really nice. The coffee is great and they have great baked goods, and it’s just easy. It’s so popular in the neighborhood.

I love coffee. If I have a chill day, I’ll just go get a coffee, get a croissant, just write in my journal. It’s a home base for me. 

343 Smith St,

Cobble Hill Cinemas

That’s in the same area — I’ve become very attached to my neighborhood. I just love it. Small theaters, and they have a very old-school concession stand. And it’s a pretty affordable place to see a movie.

I love seeing movies. I think with music — and touring in particular — I’ll get, like, sensory overload from performing. There’s so much adrenaline. And then talking to people… I’m a small artist still getting started, so I’ll stay at people’s houses. That’s so wonderful, that’s such a gift, but I’m learning I’m more of an introvert than I thought, and I run out of gas. So my favorite thing to do is see a movie by myself, put my phone away. Something about being in a dark room, I think, resets my vibes. And I love movies, too.

[Editor’s note: We also asked Caitlin about her favorite movie snack because matters are important. Her answer: Sno-Caps and a Diet Coke. Obviously, we approve.]

265 Court St, (718) 596-9113,


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Feature Image: Ben Curry

[This interview has been edited and condensed.]

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