The new single from the NYC rock group—complete with headbanging bridge—is the first song released as a band


Life reflects art? Art imitates life?

No matter how you slice it—and whether the parallels are intentional or accidental—there’s beauty in the way the new single from The Sheer Currents features a distinct sonic shift within the song itself while simultaneously, as a release, representing a definitive dynamic development for the band, who have expanded since the project’s founding from solo effort to full-fledged collaborative unit.

Now, a day ahead of its official drop, I’m stoked to premiere the song that symbolizes this expansion right here. From The Sheer Currents, this is “All Your Lines.”

So please just don’t / Waste my time / Cuz we’ve all heard / All your lines

Enthusiasm is contagious, and besides the energy packed into the rad track itself, the band’s excitement is evident in the amount of information they sent over about the single—a labor of love, recorded, tracked and tweaked at three separate locations, that they’re obviously stoked to (finally) get out in the world.

“We find that this single is a definite jump up in songwriting and in production value,” the band shared over email. “This song illustrates more dynamics, shifting quickly from a more melodic and delicate verse to a very loud, anthemic chorus. Additionally, the bridge is perfect for headbanging. It has this great build and release dynamic that has always been fun with crowds and almost struck or surprised people.”

Beyond the musical growth the song demonstrates, it’s also the first release since The Sheer Currents’ debut EP One Foot Out the Door (2021), which was recorded entirely by guitarist/vocalist Ted. In this way, it serves as a new beginning of sorts for the group and the first piece of work out in the world that each member had their hands, and their hearts, in the making of.

“We feel this marks the start of a long journey as a unit,” the band told me. “It also feels like the turning of a new page, as it comes out at a time where we feel like we’ve all figured out how to physically and logistically be in a band, and how the local Brooklyn scene works, since we’ve only been around for a year, and it feels like now we’re just starting to figure it out.”

Aren’t we all.

The Sheer Currents don’t have a release show on the books quite yet (though there’s a gallery show in the works!), so stay tuned to see what’s next for the band as they begin this new phase of their journey—in the studio, in the scene and, of course, on the stage.


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Feature image provided by the band.

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