Ahead of their Saturday show at Heaven Can Wait, fictional (we think?) Bands do bk correspondent Gus Green interviews the real (we think??) band


Corner Store recently reached out and asked if we took submissions, to which we replied “uh, sure.” Below is a piece of pure goddamn journalism submitted by the band this week.

Grab tix to their Saturday show at Heaven Can Wait here.

Good morning, evening, or otherwise. In this illuminating series of interviews, I will uncover for you, dear reader, the secrets behind one of Brooklyn’s most enigmatic musical forces: Corner Store. Since their attack upon our local indie scene in the autumn of 2020, they have never failed to make an impression, for better or worse.

Their latest project, Ladybug, is still piping-hot over a month after its release and I found it imperative to dig in a little deeper.

In reading this blog, you’ll learn that these four characters are complex individuals, each one littered with as many foibles and follies as your standard-issue comic book villain.

In the band we have: 

Derian, the blonde, fleet-fingered guitarist, punching through chords with a brutal precision unseen since the likes of Sonny Liston in his day.

Elijah, the scruffy yet lovable, dazzling keyboardist, designing soundscapes like an architect afflicted with God’s divine inspiration.

Frank, the doe-eyed, boy-next-door, bass guitarist, controlling both rhythm and harmony in concert.

And Senad, the drummer.

Derian Trahan

On a cold, rainy afternoon, I found myself walking up a staircase into a rather unkempt apartment which housed one Derian Trahan. He was an upright man, standing at about five feet ten inches and blurry – I left my glasses on the bus. We sat down and I spat out my first question.

Q: Is it true your middle name is Jerome?

A: Um…

Q: Answer honestly.

A: Yes.

Q: You’re a big fan of science fiction, aren’t you?

A: Oh yeah.

Q: Was religion a big thing for your family?

A: Not really. My dad grew up Catholic and my mom grew up whatever.

Q: What kind of music did you like as a youngster?

A: I liked Jesse McCartney. McCarthy? I think he did the Lilo & Stitch soundtrack.

Elijah Rodriguez

Elijah Rodriguez has a calming presence about him that makes you feel at ease. Of the four, I would say he’s the most approachable, especially if you offer him a treat. I’m pleased to report that we had a lovely chat.

Q: Describe to me, in sequence, the circumstances of your birth.

A: She was a church girl, he was captain of the football team. Nine months later, I came out.

Q: Do you think it was painful?

A: Had to be.

Q: Do you have any food allergies?

A: Yes, but I choose not to disclose them as people may try to poison me once we’re famous.

Q: Fair enough. Were you a good dancer as a kid?

A: I thought I was.

Q: What do people make of your dancing nowadays?

A: They make fun.

Frank Jorge

Somewhere in the Bronx, I found Frank Jorge. This young man carried himself with the disposition of an old friend you owe money to, familiar yet somewhat hostile. He made a sarcastic remark about my shoes before inviting me into his bedroom, where I had to be careful not to trip over his mattress. This would be a tough nut to crack. Emphasis on nut.

Q: Where were you born?

A: St. Luke’s Hospital. Now it’s called something else.

Q: Any childhood trauma you want to unpack in this interview?

A: Um, not at this particular moment, no.

Q: Was religion important to you growing up?

A: I was a devout Roman Catholic.

Q: Does that factor into your music?

A: I’m afraid we don’t really do any hymns. But I do play some organ.

Q: Let’s move on. Which member of Corner Store do you most admire?

A: Senad.

Q: Why?

A: Tall.

Senad Daçić

In the hustling, bustling neighborhood of Washington Heights, I visited the family bakery of the band’s eldest member. They sold pastries, as all bakeries do. It’s true, Senad Daçić is an imposing figure, but that belies his quiet and perhaps timid nature. I asked him to speak up several times during the interview, even though I could hear him clearly.

Q: What’s your favorite part of New York? You’ve seen a decent chunk of it growing up here.

A: I like the nightlife in Hell’s Kitchen.

Q: Interesting. Got any bad habits you’re trying to kick?

A: I’ll keep that on the down low.

Q: I heard you like cars. What got you started on cars?

A: Yeah, my dad was always into cars. As a kid, I was always in the passenger seat.

Q: Speaking of cars, when was the last time you were driven to violence?

A: I think I’m a pretty calm person. I’ve never been in a fight.

Q: Never?

A: No. If anything, I get mad at myself more than other people.

Q: Which member of Corner Store would you least like to get into a fight with?

A: That’s tough. I think I could take all of them but Derian might be the biggest challenge. I don’t know what they do in Texas.

I sincerely hope you learned something reading this, because this felt like a waste of time. Anyway, if you’d like to see Corner Store in the flesh, catch them at Heaven Can Wait on October 29th.


Follow Corner Store at @officialcornerstore and add their songs to your Spotify playlist.

Feature image provided by the band.

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