The catchy single + accompanying music video from NYC’s keytar king meld different musical styles and combine live-action with 2D animation to illustrate the blurring of fantasy and reality


In an era of AR and VR, filters and photo-shop, avatars and auto-tune, the real world and The Real World… it can often be difficult to separate fact from fiction from straight-up fantasy.

Whether we’re talking art, the internet or just a healthy amount of hallucinogens, it’s sometimes hard to differentiate between authenticity and artifice, between the true and undeniable truth and a more manufactured magic.

That said, if something is happening, isn’t it real in some sense? If we experience it, doesn’t it on some level exist? Not to sound too stoner, man… but, like, What’s reality, anyway???

Turns out, it’s increasingly hard to define! And apparently up for argument. But if we’re all living in this weird gray area… hey, might as well make light of it, right?

ENTER: The upbeat (and very catchy) new song and video from Feyer, in which the artist plays with perspectives and finds inspiration in different interpretations, exploring the simultaneous contrast and combination of reality and fantasy through a clever set of lyrics and cool combination of visuals.

And now, a day ahead of its release, I’m psyched to premiere it here. From Feyer, this is “Could’ve Been Pretend.”

It could’ve been pretend to you // It could’ve been pretend to us all too

“I always love when the line between fantasy and reality is blurred,” the artist said of the song over email. “We see this all the time in movies, TV shows, and video games. You can even experience it in real life at a concert or theater production. So, I decided to have that be the subject material for my latest release, ‘Could’ve Been Pretend.’ The idea was to have something lighthearted yet energetic while melding together a number of different styles. I produced and mixed the song in my own studio but also had some friends add a few elements to kick the track up a notch. This is my first release of 2022 and I’m so excited to finally have it out for the world to hear!”

As for the accompanying video:

“The music video touches again on the concept of blurring fantasy and reality, with 2D animation being interspersed with live-action footage. The video was shot at Brooklyn Photo Studios on a hot day in September, so it was a pretty big mistake for me to wear a black tracksuit! Nevertheless, we got a team together to shoot the video, with photographer/cinematographer Jordan Edwards behind the camera and fellow musicians Heatseeker and Blujak rocking out with me on screen. Animation, editing, and post-production were handled by my good friends Kurt and Seby under their company Negative Kitty (throw them a follow while you’re at it). This is also the first time I’ve released a song and music video on the same day, but they were both ready at the same time, so why not?”

The song—the first single off a larger project, coming 2023—is available everywhere TOMORROW. Pre-save it here,and for more Feyer, head over to TikTok and see why the artist has been nominated for a Wavy Award for best TikToker.

If there’s one place the idea of ~reality~ is absolutely up for interpretation, it’s right here on the world wide web after all! And, as always, that’s right where you’ll find us.


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Feature image provided by the artist.

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