WHO: Jess Marlor (Tenderheart Bitches)

SEEKING: “We are looking for a booking agent to work with us long term :)”

ABOUT THE PROJECT: “Self-described as a ‘doomsday device with pitch,’ Tenderheart Bitches frontwoman JL has made a name for herself in the New York experimental classical scene since moving to the city after graduating from Smith College in 2016. It was after joining the songwriting team for ensemble-musical-turned-concert-band Riot Antigone, a modern take on the Greek tragedy in the tone of riot grrrl, that the idea for Tenderheart Bitches was conceived alongside two other Riot Antigone band members (namely producer and guitarist Mori Einsidler and drummer Jaime Rosso, who can both be heard on the band’s debut single). Giving a riot grrrl punk approach and sound to her composition and performances, in THB, JL has seamlessly fused her interests and talents in new classical and punk music to arrive at a unique and cohesive sound and performance style that—while influenced by greats like Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, and Mitski—is all her own. Through her raw, deeply emotional, and poetic songwriting, JL centers her lyrics around her personal experiences with heartbreak, coming out, living authentically, and learning to love the messy parts of ourselves. These are songs you can dance, cry, smile, and scream to—songs for hard asses with soft hearts.”

DETAILS: “I am in grad school and booking has proven extremely hard the past year, so I am looking for a booking agent who’d like to help us in expanding our reach and capabilities with compensation in terms of a percentage cut.”

LISTEN: On Spotify

CONTACT: “Either via Instagram dm or in an email [Tenderheartb1tches [@] gmail.com] :)”


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