WHO: Sudden Organ

SEEKING: “People to join my band, or to just start a new collaboration.”

ABOUT THE PROJECT: “I’m a guitarist/singer and I’ve been recording my own stuff over the past couple years. I recorded an album where I played everything myself, which was fun, but I’d like to play shows and write new songs with other people. My vibe is very 90s indie-centric, from noisy stuff like Jesus Lizard, Unwound, Babes in Toyland, to catchier stuff like Heavenly, Sebadoh, Sparklehorse, Breeders, etc.”

DETAILS: “I’m still kind of an amateur guitarist, so I’m kind of looking for people who are musically solid but not obsessed with technical skill. I’d probably want to stick to rhythm guitar and find someone to write cool leads, and also a really tight drummer and a creative bassist. And, you know, cool people to hang out with. I’m serious about recording and playing shows and touring, but being in a band should also be fun!”

LISTEN: On Bandcamp

CONTACT: “You can email me at: scott.cain2 [@] gmail.com”


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