Take a look through [the] New York Lens” of Rickey Gonzalez with his project’s first release in two years


While many artists sing the blues, Rickey Gonzalez of Arverne is taking it to the next—or at least a different, more literal—level with “Phthalo Blue,” a track named for a very particular blue hue that chemists or pigment and palette nerds might also know as Phthalocyanine Blue, monastral blue or PB15.

Phthalo is a ~true blue~, similar to a cerulean, a rich shade with red undertones that’s reminiscent of the deep sea or a starless sky. One created to represent and portray some of the most stunning scenes and moving moments in the natural world.

It’s a color for things that are worthy of wonder, one that calls for contemplation and invites introspection. And while there’s no way to say for sure, I believe that it’s this very idea—gazing outward and turning inward, asking questions and searching for answers—that Rickey just might be alluding to with the sparse but sweet lyrics of his Queens-based band’s excellent new single, which sit on top of a very sweet bass line that guarantees Phthalo is also the kind of blue you can grooooove to.

And, one day ahead of its wide release, I’m incredibly hyped to premiere that single here.

They move along they move along and shoot across a sky I can’t see // so tell me just how long will I bleed? // just move along just move along // if only I could find some relief

While Rickey declined to comment on the meaning of the single, instead inviting—and encouraging— listeners to interpret it however they choose, he did send over the lyrics (above) as well as some background on the making of the song itself:

“The very first Arverne release in just about two years, it was crucial that the timing felt right. ‘Phthalo Blue’ (pronounced thay-lo) marks my first time tracking in an actual recording studio. Good friend of mine Robert Norris encouraged me to flesh out the parts, and took his time getting the mix where it should be. All instrumentation and vocals were done by myself, and very much inspired by the band. Here’s hoping people tune in and share the word. Take a look through my New York City lens.”

You have the opportunity to take a look (and listen!) through that lens live TOMORROW NIGHT at Our Wicked Lady, where Arverne will be hitting the rooftop with Aux Blood, High, and Cameron Castan.

Grab your tix here. While there isn’t a dress code, I imagine everyone has a particular palette in mind…


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Feature image, provided by the band: Omayma

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