WHO: Her Dark Heaven

SEEKING: “We’re looking for a touring member who has experience playing synths and sample pads, along with Ableton experience.”

DETAILS: “We’re looking for someone who can play keyboards and synths and can supply their own equipment. We also need that person to be able to trigger samples live using a launchpad or another kind of midi controller. They will also be responsible for running Ableton or another live performance friendly DAW onstage. Additional experience with backup vocals/guitar is also a plus. Check out the Youtube link to see what we mean!”

ABOUT THE PROJECT: “We’re an indie pop/heavy metal/spoken word poetry project currently composed of three touring musicians and a producer. We have shows lined up this summer in NYC and we’re looking to add more dates along the east coast.”

LISTEN: On YouTube.

CONTACT: “Email herdarkheaven [@] gmail.com or text/call 443-632-8361.”


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