WHO: Kyuss

SEEKING: “A room/sublease in bushwick!”

ABOUT: “My name is Kyuss and I’m looking for a room in the bushwick/ridgewood area. I just moved from Phoenix to Bushwick last month. I’m currently in a temporary housing situation with a family I found on a Bushwick mutual aid Facebook group. I have two screen printing jobs and plan to sell my own clothing/art/jewelry online and at pop up markets. (None in nyc yet but I did It plenty in AZ!)

I thought I would have 6 months in my current apartment but I was just told they need the room back soon for their brother to move back in, and he will have to stay on the couch until I leave. Id rather it not be uncomfortable like that for anyone, so I would like to be out by June ideally! They gave me hardly a weeks notice that this was happening.

I have two cute little nonvenomous snakes in smaller 25 gal enclosures, they make no noise and don’t stink! Snakes are often a deal breaker for people so I have to put that out there! They’re very sweet though.

My budget is under 900/month!”

CONTACT: “Message my instagram, @kyuss.eats.paint !


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