The debut single from the Whiner frontman’s solo project is about shutting out the world and escaping into yourself


In case you missed it, last year Whiner put out the perfect album.

Peace Out Cruel World was probably my favorite release of 2021 and soon after—because this is a magical place full of talented artists who have an irrepressible urge to produce an an inability to confine their creativity to just one project—the name Cameron Castan also began popping up on bills around Brooklyn, as the band’s frontman kept up the sick-music momentum and bounced around BK venues to perform a different set of songs, something 100% personal, as a solo act.

I first caught him at a BdBK show at The Nest, where—wearing a pink cardigan and accompanied by a single guitarist—he spent the majority of the show not on the stage but in the audience, walking around with with mic and serenading dancing friends in the crowd. Cammy was totally himself and because of that, the performance felt real. It felt relatable. It felt sincere. And the songs, just like those on that Whiner record, totally ruled.

Since that January performance and after (finally) wearing out the Whiner record (for now!) I’ve been fiending for more music to stream 24/7, and today—a day before its official release—I’m beyond stoked to help the artist bring his excellent debut single (and accompanying video!) out in the world.

From Cameron Castan, this is “Bright.”

Ahead of the release, Cammy sent over some intel on “Bright”—the first single off his debut solo album Show Me, out Summer 2022!—and shared some background on the making of the track and the feelings of escapism and introspection he seeks to explore and express with the song.

“‘Bright’ is one of the first songs I set out to write as a solo artist. It started as a 16 bar loop on my Boss Dr5 Drum Machine/Sequencer and was later brought to life through collaboration with guitarist Noah Swanson and producer Max Rauch. ‘Bright’ to me sort of represents that metaphorical ‘shutting out the light’ we all sink into from time to time…that feeling where you just wanna cut everything out that is going on in your life and the world around you and just vibe. I always find myself embracing the darker parts of myself and others and I wanted to try and capture that haunting nostalgic sound I see and hear as I lay down alone, close my eyes, and let my mind unravel.” 

Much like the stage performance, the video features the artist (mostly) alone and totally in his element—illustrating the idea he explained above: turning away from the outer world to go inside oneself. To honor both the dark and the light, and to find beauty in the brilliance, peace in the imperfection and inspiration in it all while traveling through the endless expanse of one’s own mind—an individual internal landscape completely unique to you.

Luke Carr, who shot the video, also sent over some thoughts on the way he and Cameron relate as friends and artists and shared how he chose to bring the video and its themes to life:

“During the pandemic Cameron and I developed an unlikely friendship. I became fascinated by his duel life as a public school teacher by day and confessional songwriter by night. Like me, he is a loner who spends most of his time in his own head. The song ‘Bright’ is about exploring one’s inner self. For the video I wanted to capture Cameron in his element. We shot in various locations that are meaningful to him.”

Stay tuned for more music from Cameron, coming soon. And in the meantime, maybe take a break from the pressures and expectations of the world, and take some inspiration from Cammy: embrace yourself, fold your mind inside and just vibe.


Follow Cameron at @cammy.licious and pre-save the single on Spotify.

Feature image (provided by the artist): Luke Carr

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