Written in a time of uncertainty, the BK band’s new single is about pointing fingers and seeing red


Generally speaking, I’m a pretty happy, glass-at-least-like-3/4-full kinda chick. I don’t like conflict, I try not to complain (too much), I am always trying to work on my ~Woosah~. And it’s the same with my friends: We just wanna chillllll, man.

That said, there are, of course, some exceptions.

Littering. Trump hats. Hanger. Hoobastank’s “The Reason.” People playing Candy Crush on the train with the volume on. The fact that everyone insists on crowding the conveyor belt at baggage claim when IF EVERYONE WOULD JUST STAND BACK THEN STEP FORWARD TO PICK UP THEIR SUITCASES WHEN THEY COME AROUND ON THE CAROUSEL THEN WE COULD ALL SEE AND EASILY GET THROUGH TO GRAB OUR BAGS AND IT WOULD WORK SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!

As Maria def did not sing, those are a few of my least favorite things. But beyond first-world problems primarily solvable with a nap and a granola bar, there have, of course, been bigger, more serious fish to fry. Issues we’ve all had to contend with in the past few years of the pandemic—times characterized by crisis and confusion and division and a general inability to just go out and do what we want to do.

Different individuals, of course, handled this uncertainty differently. Some took it in stride. Others played the blame game. And a lot of people, well, they got pissed. They stayed pissed. And, in true rock ‘n’ roll fashion, Max Pain and the Groovies found inspiration in all that anger… and then they wrote a song about it.

From Brooklyn’s fave psych-soaked garage-rock group, this is “Stay Pissed.”

I get pissed // Start losin’ my vision // I get pissed // Start pulling my hair

I get pissed // Call me the doctor // I get so pissed off that all I see is red

“This song was written during a time when the world was unsure where it was going,” the band told me of the gritty ‘n’ groovy banger. “A time when people were unsure where life was taking them. A time when fingers were pointed by men with goatees. It takes place in a time when these same finger pointers were constantly pissed.”

The band’s new single is out everywhere tomorrow. And because getting pissed also means catching a buzz, I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage you to check your rage in favor of ~raging~ in Ridgewood THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, where we’ll be celebrating Max Pain and the Groovies’ new single at TV Eye with Nevva, TVOD and the king of NYC nightlife, sir DJ Jonathan Toubin.

Grab your tix here for sick tunes and a guaranteed damn good time—

And hopefully no Hoobastank >:[


Follow Max Pain and the Groovies at @maxpainandthegroovies, buy their music on Bandcamp and add their songs to your Spotify playlists!

Feature image (provided by the band): Xavier Guerra

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