The punk trio’s fourth single—a “pop song that sounds like it’s drowning”—is about feeling powerless to your own decisions


We’re gonna keep this short and sweet—

11 days after the band took 3rd place at Our Wicked Lady’s Winter Madness, 6 weeks before their album drops on 4/20 and approx 7 hours before the song’s actual release, I’m stoked to premiere “Blasé”—the new single from Mary Shelley!

This is the fourth single from the punk trio, who drop-kicked their way into the BK scene with their debut single “Bourgeois de Ville” back in September. (For the record, these boys are not French.)

In many of Mary Shelley’s songs (other previous releases include “Brother” and “The Nursing Home Jig”), the band explores the often unsavory elements of human nature and the uncomfortable parts of the living experience, and in “Blasé”—what they describe as a “pop song that sounds like it’s drowning”—the group dives into ideas of indifference and self-sabotage, being overwhelmed and spinning out of control.

“It’s about making blasé choices in life. Feeling so numb that you start hurting yourself or others in different ways,” Sam Pinson (bass, guitar, vox, synth) says of the song. “When you hear that little voice in your head saying ‘I know this is wrong,’ or ‘I know I don’t really want to do this,’ hearing that voice and acting against it. That’s a real loss of control, and a potentially dangerous place to operate from. We wanted to create this feeling of swimming in the decisions you made against your will and feeling powerless to them.”

Stream the single on all platforms tomorrow, get a taste of the Mary Shelley experience via this video and don’t miss your chance to catch “Blasé” liiiiiive THIS SATURDAY NIGHT at Berlin at the BdBK showcase at New Colossus Festival, which also features Shred Flintstone, Slow Fiction, Laura Lee & the Jettes, Paul Jacobs and TOFLANG! (Tix available with pass or for $15 at door.)

Annnnnd while you’re on the internet, snap up tix to the Mary Shelley album release show on 4/21 at The Sultan Room with Beeyotch, Consumables and Laura Galindo (who’s also featured on “The Nursing Home Jig”).

TLDR: If you’re a Mary Shelley fan, here’s a lot a lot a lot to be excited about. I’ll catch ya in the crowd~


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Feature image (provided by the band): Michelle LoBianco

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