The dance party-sparking debut studio album from the Brooklyn band promises “a new wavy good time” and features an unconventional cameo from its canine namesake


They say good things come to those who wait…

But sometimes really great stuff comes to those who don’t. In this case, we’re specifically referring to the brand-new, extremely fun record from Kid Le Chat.

I already detailed my obsession with the Brooklyn band in the premiere for “Horseshoes & Hand Grenades” back in January and, as I predicted, two months later I’m still absolutely in love with that song. Now I’m even more thrilled to have 13 more tracks to moooooooooove and groooooooooooove to via a full-on record, which David Wilson of the band describes as a “new wavy good time” and which, I’m stoked to share, you have the opportunity to stream ONE DAY BEFORE IT DROPS, right here, right now.

From Kid Le Chat, this is Hey Sunny.

The roots of Kid Le Chat go back to a micro-brewery in Brazil, where Austinite David Wilson and Brazilian-born New Yorker Leo Moretti bonded over beers and beats (more specifically, their love of new wave and sweet, sweet eighties-style synths). They then went on to record their debut self-titled album from home studios in Rio and NYC, following that up with their second record, Lost Critters, in 2018.

Fast-forward to 2022. Hey Sunny is the band’s debut studio album, recorded at Brooklyn’s Trout Recordings, produced by Bobby Lewis and Bryce Goggin, and featuring Michael Sue Poi on bass, David on vocals and drums and Leo on guitars and programming. While David declined to share insights on each of the record’s tracks (which is totally fine—you don’t need details to DANCE, man), he did share a very adorable tail—er, tale—about how the album got its name:

“Fun fact, Sunny is the studio dog who actually has a cameo on ‘Don’t Leave Me Hanging,’ he told me over email. “As Leo was about to record a guitar part, he noticed Sunny’s tail was wagging in perfect time [so] Leo put his guitar up to Sunny’s tail and recorded his performance.”

While here you’ve gotten a glimpse into a glorious future with an advance listen of the record (a present for your present), tomorrow Kid Le Chat is also offering the unique opp for you to transport yourself back to the past—more specifically, the gritty-glam Meet Me in the Bathroom days of yore—courtesy of Fab Moretti of The Strokes (the brother of Leo of Kid Le Chat), who is hopping on drums to play with the band at their album release show TOMORROW NIGHT at TV Eye with Boyfriend Genes, Lily Jeanette and Sean McVerry.

While there’s no word on whether Sunny will make an appearance, I have my fingers crossed (+ my pockets properly stuffed with dog treats), and either way, with a record this rad, it’s guaranteed to be a proper party.

Start your pre-gaming now. I’ll catch you in the crowd~


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Feature image provided by the band.

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