The playful video for the trio’s debut single—about “failure to self-motivate”— delivers a wake-up call in the form of instrument and identity theft by mischief-making, bodysuit-sporting impostors


Tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always… tomorrow…

For the procrastinating or the hungover, the unmotivated or the unreliable, there’s really no better day than the next. With tomorrow comes the promise of potential, the idea that anything can happen, the bright and shiny feeling of a fresh start. Yesterday is over, today is already a wash, but the day after this one… THAT is when we’ll get shit done.

And the best part? THERE’S ALWAYS ANOTHER ONE! Much like the permanent bar sign brilliantly advertising “Free drinks tomorrow!” indicates, the future is full of fun and excitement! There’s always later. The problem, however, is that tomorrow really never comes. It just becomes another today, with us once again waiting on ourselves. And just like a dive bar dangling a zero-dollar daiquiri deal you can’t cash in on, instead of carpe-ing the goddamn diem, we’re over here waitin’ around, pushing things off, fuckin’ around on our phones and DEPRIVING OURSELVES OF OUR DREAMS.

Anyways, the point is that procrastination is natural, it’s perfectly human to be a little lazy and even the most ambitious of us are sometimes unable to get our asses in gear. And it’s those very times when you just can’t pump yourself up that you need some inspiration from an outside source… a little reality check, some sort of wake-up call. And if you’re lucky, a gang of body-suited bullies will show up, steal your stuff and hijack your gig to give it to you.

And with alllllll that, we’ve arrived at the plot of the new music video from Persons, which I’m thrilled to premiere here!

This is “You Won’t.”

“On your own // you could get things done // you don’t need someone // but you don’t

With a goal // and a focused hand // execute the plan // but you won’t”

A bit of musical motivation and part playful taunt, the song is captured via video in a way that perfect encapsulates the idea that we’re often our own worst enemies, starring the three people behind Persons, who embrace this phenomenon by poking fun at themselves.

“‘You Won’t’ is our first single! It’s a song about failure to self-motivate and it took 3 years to finish….so it’s a true story. The video is fictional though. We do not have brightly colored alter-egos that interfere with our lives. The video was shot, directed and edited by our friend David Mund, who we are very grateful to for taking on this silly idea and bringing it to life with such aplomb. We feel that the video captures the playful, off-kilter, self-deprecating tone of the song wonderfully and we are thrilled to be releasing it to the world!”

While the bandmates—Joe Reichel (bass), Eric Ryrie (guitar) and Terry Edelman (drums)—play slacker versions of themselves in the video, it’s worth noting that, despite the self-deprecation on display, the boys aren’t total bums in real life. While “You Won’t” is their technical debut, the single follows the band’s ~unofficial~ three-track Un-Live EP, which dropped earlier this month, and they’ve each previously taken on the role and responsibility of frontman in other projects before coming together to collaborate and seek inspiration from themselves and each other to create something new: a (very endearing) three-headed music monster in which they each play an equal part.

“You Won’t” is out everywhere tomorrow, and that night you have the opp to catch Persons (the real ones!) in person at Bar Freda with Karabas Barabas and Darkwing! Grab your friends, don your spandex and come out for some fun—

But first, maybe go get some stuff done, eh?


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Feature image provided by the band.

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