WHO: No Room at the Morgue

SEEKING: “A vocalist”

ABOUT THE PROJECT: “No Room at the Morgue is a new(ish) project looking to play shows”

DETAILS: “We are 3 piece. It’s a long distance affair as we’re split between Brooklyn and Rhode Island. We practice 1-2 a month and do a lot of the work in between remotely. We’re looking for a human with vocal experience and some measure of confidence in performing live. As far as style or approach we’re pretty open to whatever. We have some demo recordings that give an idea of what we’re doing.”

LISTEN: On Soundcloud

CONTACT: “If you’re into the songs and have an interest contact noroomatthemorgue [@] gmail.com. Also if you want to record a vocal demo over one of the tracks you can download them from soundcloud.”


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