The new single from the Brooklyn/London indie duo was written to “personify the anxiety [they] both struggle with”


Like any girl raised in the ’90s on soccer and Spice Girls, I’d consider myself a bit of an anglophile, and while the switch to BdBK to BdUK would be pretty easy on the alphabet front (and dating where the accents skew more London than Long Island is certainly tempting), making the hop/skip/~3,458-mile jump isn’t necessary to enjoy much of what our pals across the pond have to offer. After all, the thing about Britain is that we often don’t have to leave our actual country… or in many cases, couch… to experience some of the best bits of it. From Oasis to The Office, Prince Harry to Harry Potter, The Beatles to bulldogs to Cadbury Creme Eggs (though not the spelling of cream) and vinegar as an actual condiment (at least in my apartment), the most brilliant ideas and tastiest crumpets of culture always end up making their way over here eventually anyway, and it’s this observation that brings us to what, I promise, is the very point of this post—an introduction to what just might be my new favorite import. 

Fetch Tiger is a musical duo founded in London, who after a member’s recent relocation to Brooklyn are doing the cross-continental-collab thing, taking advantage of two stellar scenes with a pair of boots planted in both the UK and BK. And today, five months after the musician’s move, I’m stoked to offer you what now officially qualifies as *local* music in the form of “Peter,” the new single from the purveyors of “curiously indie anecdotes,” which I’m ultra-pumped premiere here!

So! Now that I’ve exhausted almost all the references based on this 399 Things That Are British list (couldn’t quite find a way to work Big Ben in), let’s actually talk music. Ahead of the release, Lorenzo (Brooklyn) and Tanner (London) sent over some background on the track, a dreamy song lyrically laced with the pair’s signature amount (“much”) of melancholia.

“Our songs tend to camouflage tough realities in a fictional story or character, and we wrote ‘Peter’ as a way to personify the anxiety we both struggle with. We didn’t want the name Peter itself to symbolize anything in particular; since mental health affects everyone in their own, unique way, the anonymity of the character made sense. But this song’s really about the narrator – someone thinking back on his times together with a friend, wondering where he could have done better and maybe even changed the outcome of what happens in the end. This is one of the last songs we recorded in London before Lorenzo moved to Brooklyn in the early summer of 2021.”

While “Peter” is about anxiety, musically it exudes anything but, and perhaps there’s where the magic lies. While written about mental-health struggles, it feels more like a sonic shot of serotonin—the musical equivalent of swinging in a hammock or swaying comfortably in a friendly, cozy crowd on a 75-and-sunny spring day… perhaps after a glass or two of wine… and then at one point realizing that, ah shit, you’re kind of crying a little bit now, aren’t you? (But, ya know, in a good way.)

Now unfortunately I don’t have a hammock handy, but I can refer you to an upcoming opp to stand/sway/shed a glistening tear in a crowd soon and soak up the sweet sounds of Fetch Tiger LIVE when the band hits the stage of The Delancey on Saturday, December 4th! (Info here.) If Tanner can make the commute from England to the Lower East Side, let it be known that you, Brooklynite, definitely on’t have any excuses—

Oh, and in quite fitting news, the next Wednesday The Delancey is serving up more Brit hits on what just so happens to be Beatles Night. So hey… maybe you even do it twice.


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Feature image provided by the band.

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