The video accompanying the Brooklyn band’s newest single is a “moving scrapbook” of their history


There’s nothing like a montage to inspire emotion and nostalgia—even, in some cases, for moments you weren’t a part of in the first place.

So is the case with the new music video for The Rizzos‘ latest single. A compilation of footage gathered over the course of nearly half a decade, the vid is what the group describes as a “moving scrapbook” of their life together, documenting not so much time on stage or in the studio, but the behind-the-scenes band bonding and the real life lived in between.

And while I wasn’t technically there for, um any of it, (unfortunately–because they’re clearly having a very good time!), I’m stoked for the next best thing: the opportunity to premiere it here.

From The Rizzos, this is the music video for “Breslin.”

Shot on 8mm film between 2017 and 2021, the video is a collage of memories layered on top of the sweetest of tunes, featuring shots of road trips and rollerskates, sidewalks and skylines, hotel-room dance parties and rooftop jam sessions, forests and campfires and puppies and pizza and push-ups and parking lots. Mostly, it’s an ode to each other: a glimpse of band life and a window into the most intimate of relationships—one revolving around vulnerability, creation, collaboration and an obvious understanding of, and love for, one another.

“‘Breslin’ is a song about losing a loved one and the questions that follow,” the band told me of the release over email. “The album title, How It Was, comes from this song, and it feels appropriate to look back on our time together with ‘Breslin’ as the soundtrack.” 

But enough about the past! Let’s talk about the future. How It Was—the most appropriately nostalgia-soaked of album names—is out on King Pizza Records THIS FRIDAY and you can celebrate with the band at their record-release show TONIGHT w/ PowerSnap and Ouster Nash at TV Eye.

Grab your tickets and grab your camera! There are plenty more memories to be made, and—who knows—they might just make it into the next music video.


Follow the band at @therizzosband, buy their music on Bandcamp and add their songs to your Spotify playlists!

Photo (provided by the band): Jeanette D. Moses

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