Following the release of the band’s new single, we’re stoked to share a live session filmed in Bed-Stuy earlier this summer


Before venue doors swung 100% back open and we dove face- (and drink-) first back into the world of live music, I had the ultimate privilege to hang at Zoos Studio—the recording studio, rehearsal space, venue and, with the aquatic addition of fish, literal animal house built + run by BK indie-pop band Zoos—as artists played intimate sets for an audience of ~4. 

The most recent band to join us was The Down & Outs, who absolutely destroyed it on a weekend morning back in May with a set that, against all odds, knocked the hangover from the previous night’s HNRY FLWR show right out of me. (Hair of the dog in the form of a watermelon Montauk ale— #notsponsored—might’ve helped a little bit, too.)

Fast-forward a casual four months and now, a week after the release of the band’s sick single “Jealous // Unreal”—in which they repeat those two words somewhere between 20 and 2000 times*—I’m stoked to reveal the killer footage from one of my favorite summer Saturdays.

This is 28 1/2 ~magical minutes~ of music + banter featuring The Down and Outs at Zoos Studio.

Big thanks to the best friends at Zoos Studio for making this happen and the dudes of The Down and Outs for serving up a seriously sweet set. I’m not sure how you’re feeling this Friday, but if you’re looking for a way to shake off the aftereffects of whatever you did last night, trust me: this is a very good place to start.


Follow The Down and Outs at @thedownandoutsmusic and add their music to your Spotify playlists!

Feature image (provided by the band): Nicole Duquette

Video credits: Produced and Directed: Mitch Meyer; Host: Sam Sumpter; Recording Engineer: Tom Corrado; Video Producer: Chris Gramuglia; Mixing Engineer: Mitch Meyer

[*I’ve been informed the actual count is 84.]

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