WHO: Andrea Kills

SEEKING: Rhythm guitarist/vocalist who can harmonize; bassist; drummer

ABOUT THE PROJECT: “Due to COVID, Vaureen band founder & songwriter is looking for new bandmates.”

DETAILS: “Existing catalog includes 13 songs. New music includes 10 demo recordings.

The goal is to perform existing material and refine new songs to record and tour. Vaureen is a collaborative band effort driven by a main songwriter.


Rhythm Guitarist/Vocalist Who Can Harmonize: Looking for rhythm guitarist who is well-versed in both shoegaze sounds and vocal harmonies. You know how to make weird, yummy soundscapes. Ability to switch to lead for some songs is a plus 🙂 (References: Emma Ruth Rundle solo, Marriages, Dylan Carlson/Earth drone vibes, Ringo Deathstarr, Low)

Bassist: Looking for someone to create great bass lines and improve on my placeholder ones. Ability to sing harmonies is a huge plus, but not a dealbreaker. (References: Emma Ruth Rundle solo, Marriages, Ringo Deathstarr, The Besnard Lakes)

Drummer: Looking for a creative and subtle drummer. You’re interested in dynamics and know when to drive ahead and pull back. (References: Deerhunter (Moses Archuleta), Autolux (Carla Azar), Marriages (Andrew Clinco)”

LISTEN: On Bandcamp

CONTACT: Email email andrea.horne [@] gmail.com


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