WHO: The Hell Yeah Babies

SEEKING: “A lead guitarist who can harmonize vocally with us”

DETAILS: “…and that’s where you come in! We’re huge fans of killer riffs and sick solos, but they historically haven’t been our strong suit, so we’re looking for a skilled and creative lead guitarist who is comfortable with contributing in that way. Additionally, we’d like to keep our tight three-part harmonies, so we’d really like it if you can sing background – high tenor or alto range would be ideal. All genders considered. We’re a democratic band. All our decisions and plans are okayed by each member, and our songwriting is often collaborative. Ultimately we’re not looking to simply hire a day-player, we’re hoping to find a full-fledged bandmate who feels free to contribute creatively as much as they want and also likes to hang and shoot the shit. We can be pretty businesslike — we practice sober and have regular meetings to discuss bookings and non-musical creative decisions — but we’re also a bunch of goofs who would love a new friend to do bits with.”

ABOUT THE PROJECT: “The Hell Yeah Babies were founded in 2015 by four friends in Astoria, Queens (now in Brooklyn) who love to show people a good time through live and recorded music. Originally we were a Power Pop group heavily influenced by ‘70s and ‘80s artists like Elvis Costello, The Records, Nick Lowe, Cheap Trick, and a little Bruce Springsteen sprinkled in there for good measure. Our trademarks were tight harmonies, catchy hooks, a boy band-like style of passing lead vocals around within a song, matching pink satin jackets, and *slightly* coordinated stage moves. Some of our accolades include being listed in AV Club’s best new band names of 2015, and journalist Dan Ozzi once said of us ‘These guys made the theme song for a podcast I like (Your Kickstarter Sucks) and they confirmed fuck.’ In 2018 we put out a full-length LP, All The Things That You Believe, and most recently, through the pandemic, we ran a monthly charity live-stream where we played music videos and performances featuring ourselves and a ton of other local and non-local indie artists. We’ve accumulated a small but very engaged audience over the past six years, and our livestreams raised over $10k for progressive charities and fundraisers in 2020.

After recently parting ways with our frontman/guitarist, we’re looking to regroup and restructure the band, which may or may not include a change of name but certainly includes moving away from some stuff like the matching pink jackets, and the boy band-esq swapping of vocals. We’re also looking to modernize our influences to stuff like Charly Bliss, Antarctigo Vespucci, Joyce Manor, The Menzingers, and Weezer (the good parts), keeping our catchy, upbeat hooks but with a heavier sound…”

LISTEN:  On Bandcamp (“the first two singles on the list are our newest”)

CONTACT: Email thehellyeahbabies [@] gmail.com or DM on Instagram @hellyeahbabies


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  1. Sam

    Hey! Not sure exactly how this works or what info I ought to be adding, but I think I might be the guitarist you’re looking for as your new lead, or at very least a decent dude to audition…I’m a giant nerdo for power-pop of all eras and volumes, and I’m happy to shoot y’all some stuff I’ve written/played on/produced.

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