WHO: Big Bliss

SEEKING: “A bassist + a guitarist – with a vocalist among the two”

ABOUT THE PROJECT: “BB is a Brooklyn post punk/indie rock trio formed in 2015 between brothers Cory and Tim Race. Initially, the entity was to remain a recording-only project, but that did not pan out well once they talked Wallace May into joining on bass/backing vocals, and only made records between intense show/touring schedules that landed them on some “most shows*” lists a few years in a row. Other past members both live and/or on record include Ana Becker (Fruit & Flowers, Catty), Omar Afzaal (Language), and Matt Sklar (Parrot Dream). Since 2016 they’ve released their ‘Keep Near’ EP, ‘Contact’ 7-inch, several stand-alone singles, and the ‘At Middle Distance’ LP on Exit Stencil Records. Though delayed a full year with the arrival of Covid-19, production is currently underway on their LP2, with tours and area shows soon to follow.”

DETAILS: “We’re looking for two bandmates! First off, our rad af bass player Wallace is moving across the country, so we’d like to find someone to take on her role for the live lineup, likely to start up this fall. It’s a distinctly post punk/leading + melodic style that we’re looking for, also she has an amazing dog so (kidding…I think I’m kidding).

Also, we’re looking to add a permanent second guitarist, one that is comfortable playing occasional synth.

We would need at least one of these people to be comfortable singing harmonies and occasional lead.

Pay/commitment: being as we’re in the process of making LP2 as the original lineup, these slots would mostly be in place to play what’s on the record and our previous ones – that said ! – we totally welcome members that would like to be committed and to collaborate on new material. Depending on what arrangement we work out, we can likely pay a smallish fee per shows for the time being if the “ringer” role is preferential. For committed members, I’d imagine the arrangement differently, but please feel free to reach out to us and start that convo!

**finding non-male bandmates is a priority both to retain the dynamic of the band as well as the vocal share**

Our influences range, but good touchstones are late 70’s/80’s post punk, specifically Joy Division/New Order/Cure/Wire, some 90s stuff like Sonic Youth, REM and Yo La Tengo (most Beggars things, really), Life Without Buildings, Kate Bush, Interpol, Unwound…and recent bands we love like Dry Cleaning, Protomartyr, Preoccupations, Ought.”

LISTEN: on Bandcamp

CONTACT: bigblissband [@] gmail.com


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