WHO: Indigo Fuzz

SEEKING: Drummer and guitarist

ABOUT THE ARTIST: “24 year old singer/songwriter and guitarist, native New Yorker, and dying to make music”

DETAILS: “Looking for a drummer mainly, but also a guitarist if that’s possible. I have a gig lined up on June 20th and really looking for people who could not only play, but want to have a continual collaboration.

Influences of mine include a mix of psych/folk and hard rock/blues rock. Sybille Baier, The Doors, Wolf People, Kikagaku Moyo, Nick Drake, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Gimmer Nicholson, The Who, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, The Stooges, etc.”

LISTEN: On Spotify here

CONTACT: DM @rexington_ on Instagram


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