WHO: Kira Metcalf

SEEKING: Drummer & lead guitarist

ABOUT THE BAND: “Musician/Writer Kira Metcalf crafts vivid emotional narratives with haunting melodies and delicate grit. Her latest single “Hoax” began as a teen breakup song but has since morphed into an anthem decrying the gaslighters, abusers, and toxic systems of oppression trying their damndest to shrink us into oblivion. Kira also authored You and #MeToo , a zine exploring toxic masculinity and sexism in professional, creative, and intimate spaces. With new releases ever imminent, follow Kira wherever you get your social media (@kirametcalf) and on all streaming platforms.”

DETAILS: “Do you enjoy:

-emotionally supportive creative spaces

-lyric-driven melancholic indie alt-rock (sometimes folk)

-playing drums or lead guitar

Femme/enby/queer friends to the front 💖 “

LISTEN: on Spotify here

CONTACT: Email Kira.metcalf [@] gmail.com or DM on social media


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