The new song (+ video) from the NYC songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is “about change, and the uncertainty that often accompanies it”


Whether it’s starting something or ending it… a new job or a new relationship, a new city or these days, like, new socks (the last 14 months have been QUITE short on stimuli), change—facing it, embracing it… moving through and moving on—is often exciting, frequently confusing and occasionally, um, terrifying.

But it’s also inevitable. So it makes sense that there are a lot of songs about it.

Bowie told us to “turn and face the strange (ch-ch-changes).”

Sheryl Crow thinks “a change (a change would do you good).”

And who could forget when Marsha/Greg/Jan/Peter/Cindy/Bobby Brady told us that “when it’s time to change you’ve got to rearrange who you are and what you wanna be… sha na na na na na na na na
sha na na na na

But change-oriented tracks by glam-rock princes, sassy country crooners and fictional ’70s step-siblings aside, following a year that was somehow simultaneously characterized by both massive change and a complete lack thereof, as we re-enter the world and re-learn what it means to exist in it, I’m thrilled to present + premiere my new favorite song on the topic (and currently, in general):

This is “Special Excess”—the newest single from NYC songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Noah Chenfeld

“Got a funny feeling that I finally found the moment // It’s a lot to handle but it’s never felt so good // Questionable timing but I think I have to own it // Coming of age just a little late // But now I know it was worth the wait…”

Along with the song, I’m stoked to share the accompanying music video. Flipping between the artist singing alone on stage and addressing the camera in an empty bar, plus shots of a solo skateboarder rolling down empty city streets and tricking around town, it’s a combination of intimate footage focused primarily on the individual—perhaps designed to illustrate the extremely personal nature of our personal journeys and the fact that we all have to make choices and changes, take action and decide the way to move forward on our own…

Or, you know, something like that.

Ahead of the song’s release (the artist’s second of 2021, following his killer cover of Springsteen’s “Born to Run”), Noah sent over the following background on the new project and the theme, intent and individuals involved:

“‘Special Excess’ is the first of a group of original singles I’m releasing this year. It’s a song about change, and the uncertainty that often accompanies it. I wanted to make something a bit chaotic sounding, a track that could inspire someone to cross the bridge without looking down. Thanks to Jeff O’Neill (director), and Cobey Arner (skater, drummer), for making the video as riveting and dramatic as (I hope) people will find the tune.”

If you dig “Special Excess,” be sure to check out Noah’s previous releases (I originally fell in love via “Orioles” last year), and whether your next ~transition~ involves a beginning, ending, breakup, makeup, move or, again, just new set of crews, no-shows or knee-highs (LIVE IT UP!), the good news is you’ve now got a new song to see you through—

And—while it probbbbably goes without saying—It’s way, way better than that one from The Brady Bunch.


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Feature image provided by the artist.

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