The DIY video from the NYC rock band is part concert, part time capsule, featuring live music, memories and small moments worth celebrating


We all love spring because it feels like a new beginning. There’s a sense of relief, of possibility, of hope in the form of sun and flowers and birds and bare legs…

This year, I’d say that feeling is amplified approxxxxximately 10,000,000%.

We’re mostly vaxxed, rules are more relaxed and we’re READY for a fresh start. However, before we move forward and NEVER SPEAK OF THE LAST 14 MONTHS AGAIN, it’s worth one more moment of reflection. Not with a focus on the doom and gloom that defined so much of 2020, but with a lens turned on the brighter, lighter moments of laughter, shared celebration and quality time (outside, obv) with the people we love and learned to appreciate so much more. The moments of joy and silliness that persisted despite the shit state of the world and the happy memories that—against all dumb, dumb odds—still managed to be made.

So with that, I’m stoked to present a short time capsule of one particular group’s magic moments—set, naturally, to a very sick soundtrack.

This is the brand-new DIY video for “Weeks Ago,” from Pan Arcadia.

From the NYC band, here’s some background on the project:

“‘Weeks Ago’ was the first video we tried making ourselves. The song is supposed to resemble a time-lapsed recollection of our year. We tried capturing that in the sped-up B-roll. There are alotta great memories in those clips! Our favorites are from the day Biden got elected. For the first time in a while there was a true sense of hope and community in the city. We actually met our trumpet player Jimmy in Washington Square park that night; it was awesome.”

In terms of other very good memories involving Pan Arcadia over the last year, there was the release of the band’s excellent Weeks Ago EP as well as Save the Scene NYC, the virtual two-day festival the band put on in the beginning of March with Sweet Relief Musicians Fund to raise money for musicians and venues.

And as the scene makes it’s triumphant (slow, safe, etc.) return, stay tuned for an opp to see the band IRL, sans any screen in between, soon…

If you’re lucky, who knows—your dance moves and audience antics just might make the band’s next b-roll…

Though based on how good this summer is set to be, I have a feeling we’re all gonna have way, way too much good material to choose from.


Follow Pan Arcadia at @pan.arcadia, buy their music on Bandcamp, add them to your Spotify playlists and find all things Pan Arcadia at!

Feature image provided by the band.

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