SPOTLIGHT: ‘LEAFING’ from leafing

The NYC trio’s eponymous debut record is “an album about home and origins”… inspired by “the disorienting feeling of having a foot in two very different places


Home is a tricky thing to define.

Is it a place or a feeling? Where you come from or where you are now? Where the heart is or where the art is? (And really, aren’t those the same thing?)

I think that sometimes it can be all of the above, wrapped up at once. And I think that places, past and present, can live within you in tandem, inspiring and influencing you simultaneously a—cocktail that’s one part nostalgia, one part hope and one part…

Okay, it kinda sounds like I’ve been drinking a few cocktails. Fortunately, to far more articulately (and musically) explain this attachment and how you can never completely escape your roots—even if you do run off to the city—we have Brooklyn trio Leafing, whose excellent debut album Leafing is out NOW!

Ahead of the release, the members of the band shared a bit about their individual origin stories and sources of inspiration—how they initially came together and then, come quarantine, recorded the album apart:

Leafing is an album about home and origins. It’s about leaving your home but still feeling hopelessly connected to it, while learning (and doing your best) to love the other places where you end up. Sebastian and Dominic are brothers, and grew up on farmland in rural Central New York, and Maggie is from Brooklyn, which is where we all met. A lot of the lyrics and sounds on the album are inspired by this move from farmland to city, and by the disorienting feeling of having a foot in two very different places. This juxtaposition, of building a life in a city while grasping at rural roots, has been a powerful artistic influence for Dom.

Dom and Seb were each others’ first collaborators, in their childhood home, and Maggie and Dom made music together in Slim Charles for almost 6 years. In July of 2019, Maggie joined Dom and Seb to finish writing the songs that appear on “Leafing.” Seb recorded the drums later that summer, with our friend Sam Whedon in his home studio, and the rest of the recording we’ve completed during quarantine, in our respective homes. That the album was largely crafted at home was a necessity of the pandemic, but feels quite fitting with the album’s themes.”

Leafing also shared a final thought on the record and how they hope you enjoy it:

“We wish we could get together to share these songs live, but for now we hope that people will cozy up on their couches with their pets and loved ones, and play our album nice and loud.”

Done and done. Maaaaybe with one of those cocktails.


Follow Leafing at @leafingband, grab the record on Bandcamp and add the band to your Spotify playlists now!

Feature image provided by the band.

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