Pregame for the Brooklyn band’s Saturday Stream with their new singlean anti-authority anthem and the group’s most upbeat track to date


It’s not often these days that you have the experience of walking into a room and running into a bunch of familiar faces..

There is, however, the virtual equivalent, which is exactly what I experienced when I bounced on over to The Black Black‘s BandNada page earlier this week and was greeted with the chat history from the dark dance rock band’s “Live from East Williamsburg Econo Lodge” show, featuring archived internet encouragement from members of Shadow Monster, Catty, The Planes and more—all of whom had been in (digital) attendance approximately 53 days ago.

While I realize no one was actually able to catch The Black Black’s performance IRL, it was at that moment that I had another experience that’s pretty rare these days—that of feeling some serious FOMO.

But fortunately for me, you and anyone else with an internet connection who missed the band’s livestream back in April, the Brooklyn four-piece has another one coming up on BandNada this Saturday at 9 pm, where they’ll be playing (I predict) songs from their 2018 record Gravity in Time, their 2020 two-track release Careful On Your Way Out b​/​w Transmission (ft. an original and Joy Division cover), plus their newest single, “Fun Police”—

Which, would ya look at that, I’m incredibly pumped to premiere right here, right now!

Ahead of the premiere and tomorrow’s wide release, Jon F. Daily of The Black Black (+ other bands I love) shot me some intel on the new track, which has been ricocheting off the inside walls of my skull (where I’m pretty sure my brain’s supposed to be) in the absolute best way since I first heard it a few weeks ago:

“‘We can find your soul, off your knees, get outta the pew’… This is our most upbeat and fun sounding song we’ve written – it literally has the word “fun” right in the title. But it’s another anti-authority anthem from us – questioning the rights of societal institutions telling us how to act and what to believe.”

In addition to “Fun Police,” there’s also some bonus Black Black in your future tomorrow in the form of “Death’s Witnesses,” the B-side for the single that—here’s the real tease—I might love even more than this one. (Stay tuned!)

With that, I encourage you to join me (from afar) in consuming these two tracks—one today, both tomorrow—and pre-gaming for The Black Black’s Saturday BandNada show in the def most recommended way: by rounding up your roommates, pushing your gnarly curb-find couch to the wall and jumping around until you spill all your beer, sweat through your sweater and the (fun) police eventually arrive and tell you to turn it the fuck down.


Follow The Black Black at @theblackblackmusic, buy their music at, add them to your Spotify playlists, and catch them live-ish by tuning into their BandNada show December 5th at 9 pm!

Feature image provided by the band.

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