You know the drill—here’s the local music we’re stoked on this week


November is wrapping up, and while it’s been a weird one, it’s also packed with new NYC music we’re pumped on.

This week’s addition featured the following songs/videos we’re stoked on, including two exclusive Thursday premieres:

  1. “Break Me”Spite Fuxxx
  2. “Crew Love”Lowhency Pierre
  3. “Apathetic Boys” videoOvercoats
  4. “Christmas Lights on the Lawn” – Illicit Ghost (premiering on Bands do BK 12/3!)
  5. “Fun Police” – The Black Black (premiering on Bands do BK 12/3!)
  6. “Sunny Side-Up”Sallies (pre-order a one-of-a-kind copy of this song or another Sallies track recorded during the band’s upcoming direct-to-vinyl live session through Lee Stavall here)

Enjoy it all! We’ll catch you next week—


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