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After falling in love with his excellent new record Other People, we tracked down Jim Hill and asked the artist to provide his top BK spots in 10(ish) key categories


Best of Brooklyn is our newest profile format, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to kick it off with the musician responsible for one of our favorite new records. We provided the prompts and Jim—over email this weekendshared his past and present go-to’s (+ a very legit-sounding hangover cure).



Shea Stadium (RIP) was the place where I first saw some of my favorite bands like Ovlov, Krill, Haybaby and Vagabon. It was also one of the only places that would book Slight Of when we were first starting out. I miss hanging out on that crowded balcony between sets and hitting up Pita Palace after the shows.


When I first moved to Brooklyn 6 years ago, Happy Fun Hideaway was the place I would go with my roommates in between loads of laundry. I haven’t been in a while and I try to stay away on the weekends when – in pre-COVID times – it would be packed shoulder to shoulder. They also have some of the coolest bartenders around.


Like its name, Best Deli, on Bushwick and Myrtle is simply the best.


Naming your favorite pizza spot in a place like Brooklyn in a pretty big political statement, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Fazio’s in Bushwick has been my recent favorite. They’ve got a great vegan slice with no artificial meat or cheese junk. Just a bunch of veggies on a nice thick Sicilian style slice.


I really like to make my own coffee so when I look for a coffee spot it’s more about the overall ambience. The folks at Variety on Wyckoff pull a great espresso shot and they’ve got a nice corner to sit and enjoy the sunshine.


I’m a big fan of the classic American diner. No frills, just some over easy eggs, hash browns, toast and a black coffee. Manhattan Triple Decker in Greenpoint checks off all those boxes.


Fort Green for the rolling hills and ancient trees.


Bunna Cafe is another great vegan option for people who don’t want to eat a bunch of processed soy. Their food is always amazing and if you go on the right night to catch their coffee ceremony you’re in for a treat.


Deep Cuts! It’s technically in Queens now but I first went when they were located in the back of the Silent Barn in Bushwick.

Hangover Cure: 

A blue Gatorade, coconut water, and a pumpernickel everything bagel with tofu cream cheese, capers and cucumber.

+ ARTIST’S CHOICE. anything else you love?

Bagel Spot: Bread Brothers in Bushwick <3


Other People is out now! Follow Slight Of at @slightofband, scoop up the record + some very sweet merch at and add the artist to all your Spotify playlists now!

Feature image provided by the artist.

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