The LATEST from THE BK INDIE-PSYCH DREAM-POP PROJECT OF Diego Martinez is about “the trials we face staying indoors” AND serves as a call to summon your “somewhere,” wherever you are


If you could be anywhere right now—anywhere—where would you be?

Would it be Bombay or Barcelona? Santiago or San Francisco? Cape Town or Capri?

Would you be on a beach or on a boat? At a resort or a rave? In the mountains or onstage?

Would you be frolicking or floating or flying or f…

Um, you get it.

We all have our own happy places, real and hypothetical. The places we’ve been and loved, would love to be, and that we likely, right now, can’t access—at least in the physical sense. But what about mentally and emotionally? What if we could summon the energy of these amazing places and the emotions they inspire and bring those feelings with us wherever we go?


Because on that way-wistful note, I’m incredibly psyched to premiere “Somewhere in the Distance”—the latest piece of pure music magic from Brooklyn’s Di Ivories!

A product of this strange, sweaty summer (and thus far, one of my fave things to come out of it), “Somewhere in the Distance” is a dreamy-trippy track about “the trials we face staying indoors and that inner desire of going ‘somewhere’”—plus the idea that perhaps you don’t have to leave the city… or even your cramped, currently way-too-familiar apartment…for the magic of your favorite spaces to somehow serve you.

Ahead of the release, here’s what Diego Martinez—Di Ivories singer, keyboardist and composer—had to say (via email) about the process, the vibe and the song’s role, for him, as an reminder:

“‘Somewhere In The Distance’ was a song written this July, so it has the intention of bringing that upbeat, ‘Summer dream haze’ mood to it but also a nostalgic sense of longing. Working on the melody, I was inspired by the brightness of the keys and the warmth it gave me inside. While listening, I would close my eyes and feel taken away; transported to a different realm, where colors shine vividly across a beautiful plain. For me, this song is a reminder that wherever we are, we can always bring that ‘somewhere’ with us and use it to better ourselves in these times. So I guess you can say i’m an optimist, haha.”

I’ve been dying to see Di Ivories since scrolling upon the “symphony of chaotic wonders” in action during their performance in the starry studio of Rockaway Beach Broadcasting Co., and between that super-fun footage (featuring, in a supporting role, Diego’s a spectacular windbreaker), this new release and Di Ivories’ 2019 self-titled album, I’ve realized that I know exactly what my own personal happy place would look like at this particular moment:

Standing front row at a Di Ivories show.

“Somewhere in the Distance” is out everywhere FRIDAY. Listen now, scoop it up then, and please join me in carrying the true joy and real jam that is this particularly excellent “somewhere” around with you, wherever you go—

Alllll weekend long.


“Somewhere in the Distance” is out everywhere TOMORROW. Follow Di Ivories at @diivories, scoop up the song on bandcamp and add Di Ivories to your Spotify playlists.

Feature image (provided by the artist): Nicole Miller

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