the second song from the experimental indie-pop artist’s AA-side is “inspired by a common thread of [her] life: saying goodbye”


Sometimes I agonize over how to describe a song I love, searching for the words to explain how it’s captivated me, making guesses at what exactly the artist is thinking and feeling and—let’s be real—trying to find new and original ways to say “rad.”

Annnnd sometimes I just pour a glass of wine instead and say screw it, because the artist has done the job more perfectly—and far more poetically—than I ever could have (even with the consistent assistance of my #1 website

On that note, I’m absolutely thrilled to wrap up the week in the most magical of ways with “Little Raptures,” the gorgeous new song from Zaliza, which the artist describes as “a lyrical collage based on experiences through a few years woven together by one common thread: finding inner strength and leaving behind perspectives to give space for rebirth of self.”

Yeah… told ya.

“Little Raptures” is out everywhere TODAY and joins “Below” (just released in July) to complete the Brooklyn artist’s dreamy AA-Side release.

Written over five years and completed during quarantine, the song is a collaborative effort with Rahiem Taylor of NYC “self proclaimed psych rockers” (and beloved Beatles cover-ers) Blac Rabbit and is inspired by a common theme in Zaliza’s life: saying goodbye—as well as the self-reinvention that follows. Both of which she kindly (and beautifully) explained to us over email earlier this week:

“Whether it was a season of life, a way of thinking I ascribed to, or even people I was once close to, I have had to start over more times than I can count. Moving around a lot growing up was the inciting incident that provoked me to live in a state of continuous transformation. At every ending I found I was left with just myself. I had to build a home within myself. ‘It taught me to fly without my wings in the sky’ — this lyric was inspired by the thought of elevating within my own spirit and sense of self, beyond my external circumstances. At the end, the counter chorus speaks of restructuring my perspective of what love really is.”

While you can definitely take my… and, well, mostly her… word(s) for it, do yourself a favor and listen to “Little Raptures” now! Bonus points if you join me and enjoy it with a bottle of wine open—and all of your tabs closed.

Have a [insert synonym for rad here] weekend, y’all—


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Feature image (provided by the artist): Alexx Duvall

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