We’re stoked to share a track from the artists’ rad collaborative record ‘VAMPIRE BOY ?’ — out this Friday and raising funds for Equality for Flatbush


Last week, I had a truly delightful time chatting with Davey Jones (aka lost boy ?) over FaceTime and discussing the hottest and most controversial of interview topics: the best spot to grab a breakfast sandwich in Brooklyn.

After giving me the low-down on a couple of his go-to spots (stay tuned!), the conversation naturally shifted from meals to music, and soon after we wrapped up, Davey shot me the private Soundcloud link for VAMPIRE BOY ?, the collaborative record that he and his friend (+ sometimes bass player), Brooklyn artist Jeremy Aquilino (aka Time Vampire), were getting ready to release—

Anddddd I’ve been listening to it basically non-stop ever since.

VAMPIRE BOY ? comes out tomorrow, but today I’m EXTREMELY stoked to offer a preview and premiere “Groundhog’s Day,” one of 13 very fun tracks making up the very rad record—which, by the way, the duo wrote and recorded in just four days.

You know… as one does.

Via email earlier this week, Davey filled me in on the making of VAMPIRE BOY ?, the set of rules the pair imposed on their process and the local musicians involved in the making of the record:

“Jeremy and I have played in many projects over the past 10 years together but never wrote songs directly between us. We set up some rules about how many takes we were allowed to do before calling it done; three takes and try to keep them under three minutes. It helped us move in a super productive way in a short period of time (the tequila helped with that too). The result was a group of tracks with variety and styles. 19 songs were recorded for this but we cut some for a more fluent listen. We have our friends from the Shea Stadium crew making appearances on this as well. Our main goal is for the listener to gain a smile, or a laugh. We hope you might join us on this musical therapy adventure.”

(For what it’s worth, I’ve been on this magical musical therapy adventure for about a week now, and I def def def recommend joining.)

VAMPIRE BOY ? is out on Bandcamp tomorrow, and—best of all—100% of proceeds are going to Equality for Flatbush, an organization dedicated to “police accountability and anti-displacement organizing in Flatbush, East Flatbush and Brooklyn-wide.”

So there you have it: good music, a good cause and at Jessi’s—I hear—a damn good breakfast sandwich.

This weekend, I suggest you jump on all three—


Grab VAMPIRE BOY ? on Bandcamp tomorrow! Find Lost Boy music here and follow him at @lofihigh. Find Time Vampire tunes here and follow him on Instagram at @jerrahmeee.

All songs were recorded and mixed at Hotel Romeo. VAMPIRE BOY ? was mastered by Amar Lal and features Gobbinjr, Dan Francia, Nora Garcia and Adam Reich (Shea Stadium); Ryan Foster (Warm Body); and more.

Feature image pulled from album art.

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