A ‘sesame street’-inspired song about a day spent playing hooky in the city comes to life through a compilation of old-school footage capturing the “raw beauty that nyc will always emanate”


Let’s be real: At this point I should probably go ahead and make my fandom official by locking down the domain name, getting a Fresh Paint tattoo and maaaaybe starting a tribute band.

But until I get on over to, decide which appendage makes for an appropriate canvas and, like, learn how to play an instrument, I’ll just keep housing that sweet, sweet Jelly Kelly content right here on the site—

Including, as of *right now*, the newest (maybe my fave!) edition to the collection: the music video for “Juanita (Car Tire Flower Pot),” which I’m extremely stoked to be premiering RIGHT HERE!

“Juanita (Car Tire Flower Pot)” is the first track on the band’s record O’ Earth You Mean the World to Me (B – Sides from Inside), which the band released in June (best of all, with all proceeds—now and forever—being donated to Black Lives Matter).

Here’s what excellent artist (+ awesome human) Keith Kelly had to say about the song and accompanying vid via email:

“‘Juanita (Car Tire Flower Pot)’ was initially just a title that I’d written in one of my notebooks. It was really strange cuz it was just one of those days in NY where your just hopping from one train to the next all day, and for me that’s a lot of daydreaming and note taking. So later when looking through my notes, I was like, what the hell is that? I was thinking about Sesame Street. Right! That’s what that is! I was thinking about when I was a kid and I’d see these re-runs of old Sesame Streets from the late ’70s and early ’80s. The set was based on the neighborhoods of NYC at the time and they were always metal garbage cans in front of brick walls and this certain beauty in urban grime was always present, including car tire flower pots. This actually was a real thing in New York, and I grew up seeing the rare one here or there years later. This time of NYC was always romantically burned in my brain and I daydreamed that the train I was on was covered in graffiti and the story of two kids ( around 12-sh) cut school and have an adventure through out the city and Central Park. That’s lyrically where the song is. As for the video, I just wanted to capture the feel and culture of NYC around that time and that raw beauty that NYC will always emanate.”

Whether you’re a total Elmo, you strut around the city with that BBE (Big Bird Energy) or you lean more green a la Oscar the Grouch, there’s no way you won’t find joy in this video and through it, see the major beauty —now and always—in our stupidly wonderful city.


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Feature image (video still) provided by the artist.


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