The photography and film project celebrates the people and places of live music and hopes to raise funds for venues, employees and artists


It’s no secret that independent venues are in major danger, and while this is a terrifying, nauseating reality, we’re truly in awe of the way creatives across the country are collaborating to do their part and collectively harnessing their individual skills to support (and hopefully save) their, and our, favorite spaces.⁣

One particularly ambitious and amazing endeavor: Bring Music Home, “a photography and film project celebrating the people and places of live music” with the goal to “raise funds for these venues and the people and artists who sustain them.”⁣

Co-founded by Kevin W. Condon, Amber Mundinger and Tamara Deike, Bring Music Home is capturing the real essence of indie music venues and the personalities that make them so special for a book to be published in the fall, with the majority of proceeds going to the National Independent Venue Association. are also—available now for pre-sale—some very rad posters featuring unique designs for different cities from local artists, with proceeds going directly to relief efforts.⁣

The NYC poster is available for purchase here.

From the founders:⁣

“Bring Music Home is the only team currently documenting more than 200 music venues across 30 U.S. cities—a story of music culture’s unsung heroes, the real-life people behind live music—during one of the most cataclysmic events in modern history. Through this project, we are not only visually sharing the stories of those behind the scenes of the music industry, we are also able to donate to help save these institutions that mean so much to the local communities.”⁣

Follow the project on Instagram, find more info (and pre-order that NYC poster!) at and if you haven’t yet, please—PLEASE—head to ASAP to take action and tell your legislators to #saveourstages.


Photo of Saint Vitus (provided by BMH) by Kevin W. Condon

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