Jon the Guilt, Bands do BK


We’ll have the newest single from one of our favorites on loop (and stuck in our heads) for the foreseeable future—and we’re totally okay with that


EXTREMELY stoked this morning to share the new single from Jon the Guilt—complete with (very cool) lyric video by Brendan McKnight.

In the interest of getting this from the internet to your ears in as little time as possible, I’m not going to turn this into a 500-word essay about my feelings (not that I would everever… do that)—

Andddd fortunately, there’s no need to anyway, because “F.O.R.G.iv.E” is way more of a dance track than a cry-in-quarantine-on-your-couch song, a welcome change of pace and a grand opportunity to yell the golden line, “fuck you and fuck that too“… which I maaaay have—while very caffeinated—spent my entire morning doing. (No neighbor complaints!) (Yet!)

I haven’t been shy about how much I love Jon the Guilt’s previous single, “Sycophant American” (also fans: Mount Sharp, who put the song on the playlist they put together when they hopped on the Bands do BK radio show last month) and I’m equally pumped on “F.O.R.G.iv.E,” which has a very different vibe about it—one noted by Jon, who sent us his thoughts on the song the day before the release:

“I wrote ‘F.O.R.G.iv.E’ three weeks before the lockdown. I rushed into recording it with Oscar Albis Rodriguez and Dave Scalia, because I felt like it had a spirit unlike anything I’ve ever written. I’m extremely proud of ‘F.O.R.G.iv.E.’ It’s a dance song. I think we captured the vibe it was calling for. Raw late ‘70s Bowie with a touch of ‘Thriller’-era MJ and a pinch of Fugazi.”

While I’m looking forward to the opportunity to sing, yell and clap/clap/clap along to this song in a room full of sweaty strangers one day (hopefully soon), in the interim, at least we all have our neighbors—

With walls this thin, it’s basically the same thing. And if they tell you to turn it down, well, there is one way you could respond…


Find Jon the Guilt on Spotify and Bandcamp, and follow him on Instagram at @jontheguilt.

Feature image (provided by the artist): Chad Kamenshine

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