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Swood, Bryan, Sal and JPK talk hot sauce and horse murals, how the band came to be, and ‘That Shadow’—their new album and a recently released IPA


A few weeks following the February release of their new album, That Shadow—released on Dadstache Records—the members of Mount Sharp (who specialize in “songs about science and bad decisions”) swung by the studio for the fifteenth episode of Bands do BK and, over (non-spiked) seltzer, discussed the record, the story behind the band and their favorite places in Brooklyn.

Crack open a That Shadow IPA and tune in to hear the band talk music and to discover where to find the best parks, cheapest tacos, most delicious dim sum and more in the borough.

Check out the episode (air date: 3/12), now available on Radio Free Brooklyn and Spotify


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Photo (provided by the band): Ebru Yildiz

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