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Your quarantine cry of the day is brought to you by “6 Feet Away”—the Bushwick duo’s single of the week


Pre-pandemic, the perpetually masked men of Bushwick-based duo Cheap Synths were already in full-throttle content creation mode, following up on their two (!) 2019 albums—Illuminaughty and yes yes yes, whose track “Work!!” was featured by Apple Arcade—by executing on their plan to release a song a week… every week of 2020.

While I don’t have any insight into the band’s process or production schedule, one can assume that with continuous, consistent deadlines and a self-imposed pressure to produce, Cheap Synths is probably—more than a band might typically—drawing constant inspiration from current events and the increasingly insane state of the world. (A cursory scroll through the band’s 2020 catalogue reveals tracks that whether overtly—”Moscow Mitch”—or at least in title—”We Don’t Deserve It,” “End of the world,” and “So Emo”—feel very appropriate for the current, um, climate.)

That being said, there’s no room for wondering when it comes to Cheap Synths’ most recent track. What Danny Ross—one half of the duo—described as “our love letter to Brooklyn,” “6 Feet Away” is a piece of pure fucking poetry, a bitter-sweet song that acknowledges the tragedy and uncertainty of this time, in this place, while addressing with hope and a touch of grim humor the bits of beauty in the moment, as well as humans’—particularly artists’—true resilience.

I can’t properly express how much I love this song and the intense urge I have to share it with every human I’ve ever met in NYC (plus those I haven’t). Here’s hoping it offers you the same feelings of comfort… plus the same really solid cry… that it provided me.

Anddd on a lighter note, when you’re done listening to “6 Feet Away” the recommended 250 times, I suggest moving over to Cheap Synth’s April 10th release, “Red Roller Sk8”—a groovy track that serves up the perhaps perfect line “Ya know ya look so good in your sweatpants…”

Which just might be the *exact* other thing that we all need to hear today.


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