You thought we’d let the year (+ decade) end without putting out another playlist? Get outta here…


While the playlist-making process is a largely self-indulgent endeavor—it is, after all, creating a digital destination to store the songs we’re currently loving, by the artists we truly believe in, to serve as an easily accessible soundtrack for subway rides, misguided jogging attempts and the crafting of excessively lengthy Instagram captions—there is, of course, an important goal, and serious hope, attached: that you (re)discover a song/band/artist/album/etc. that you really, really love.

Our sixth edition features (for now) 21 mostly new(ish) songs by mostly NYC(ish) artists—many of whom we have featured, or will be featuring, and many we’re just busy admiring from afar. (But not that far. Wait, does that sound creepy?!).

Find the playlist on Spotify here.

Here’s hoping this ~81 minutes sonically improves your trek from, say, Williamsburg to Crown Heights— which for some reason took us an hour and a half the other night(?!) , so yeah, we should probably add a few more songs to be safe. Stay tuned!

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