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Frontman Nick LaFalce talks burritos, cheap beers, band names and bocce ball hacks on Radio Free Brooklyn


In case you missed our very enthusiastic announcement, Bands do BK is now a weekly radio show on Radio Free Brooklyn, broadcast LIVE every Thursday at 11 pm EST! (Details on what this means, what you can expect, where you can find it, etc. here.)

Last week, for our first-ever episode, we were beyond stoked to welcome our first-ever guest: Nick LaFalce of dreamy (and Sam’s-dad-approved!) Brooklyn-based celestial indie-rock outfit Atlas Engine.

During the episode, Nick shares his top spots in Brooklyn, previews the band’s soon-to-be-released single and talks burritos, cheap beers, (somewhat embarrassing) band names and bocce ball hacks. The episode also features songs by Atlas Engine, plus some other local faves (Spotify playlist, curated by Nick, available here).

Listen to the episode on Radio Free Brooklyn or on Spotify.

And don’t miss your chance to catch Atlas Engine THIS FRIDAY for Nick’s birthday show at The Gutter, featuring Sooner and Jelly Kelly. (Info + details here.)


For updates on all things Atlas Engine, check out and follow the band on Instagram at @atlasenginemusic.

Feature image (provided by the band; Nick second from right): Keira Qi Zhou

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