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We’re joining the RFB family! Listen LIVE every Thursday at 11 pm at


Sorry, but I have to do it…


I’m beyond stoked to share that as of this Thursday, November 14th, Bands do BK will officially be a weekly ~radio show~ on Radio Free Brooklyn!

That means that instead of chatting with artists over beers in a noisy bar and then editing down interviews and publishing them after the fact, we’ll be doing these discussions (probably still over beers) in a real studio, in real time, and broadcasting the entire thing to the world via—how else?—the internet!

This means you’ll have access to every story, opinion and insight that artists share during these conversations-—including content that previously wouldn’t have made it into the published interviews—plus tracks by local acts selected by the artists themselves and even the occasional live in-studio performance.

This is a big step for Bands do BK, and I’m thrilled (and only marginally terrified!) to add this exciting extension to the project and offer artists the opportunity to share their thoughts and their art via the established and seriously awesome platform that is Radio Free Brooklyn. (Learn more about RFB here.)

Our first show will feature Nick LaFalce of Atlas Engine ahead of the band’s birthday and single release party at The Gutter on 11/22. (They’re also playing Drug Couple’s EP release show with Color Tongue and Moon Kissed on 11/18 at The Broadway. You should probably go to both.)

Tune into—or listen via this app or this app, depending on your device—this and every Thursday at 11 pm EST to catch the show live. And if you miss it, never fear! It’ll also be recorded and archived by RFB, plus linked on for your later listening pleasure.

Find everything you need to know about the show here, and if you’re a musician that wants to ride the airwaves with us, come on dowwwwn (aka shoot me an email at


^ I promise to not actually do that on air… probably.

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